Friday, May 27, 2011

In Love

This weekend there will be a lot more pictures of this sweet thing
and many stories about her too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A little about her

Oh man, am I behind. I mean I am really behind on the blog, but I had a post in progress that I still have not finished about when I found out we were going to have a little girl and the whole day of her birth post, but I have to jot down a few things about this little precious one, before it all starts to fade away as she gets older.

There is something about this baby that brings tears to my eyes every time I even glance at her. I have had full on crying fits. Yes I am aware my hormones are still trying to even themselves out and all, but she is just so amazing to me. I cannot get enough of her. I do not put her down. She has only been in her swing twice and that is when Andy has had her. I cannot imagine putting her in her swing! Let me hold this sweet thing! I do obviously put her down when she sleeps at night and when there are things I have to do and cannot do with her, but honestly, I cannot get enough of her.

As much as I am holding her and feeding her I am surprised she is not 11 pounds, but sadly enough this little one is having the hardest time gaining weight. My babies do not normally start packing on the pounds until about week two, but she lost so much in the hospital and is sloooooooooooooooooooooowly kind of putting it back on. She weighed 8.9 at birth, but the doctor this morning honestly thinks they weighed her wrong or the scale is wrong, because he saw her at day 4 and was no where near 8.9. When we left the hospital she was 7.6. She then lost four more ounces, but is not back up to 7.5 as of this morning. He wants me to pump and give her an ounce of my milk after each feeding with a syringe to not confuse her. Sounds like a lot of work to me. I feel like there is no time to pump! She has to start gaining more and I feel like it is going to happen real soon, so hopefully that is true. I go back again on Friday. I will have spent $100 on weight checks because of my co-pays! I am pretty sure I could have found a baby scale for about that! Oh well. Anything for her!

So, I got off on a tangent I think. That is not what this post was going to be about!

Here are few things about our sweet little Emersyn I hope to never forget!

*Her long beautiful fingers! They are so delicate and really stand out.
*She has the skinniest long feet. Super cute.
*Her eyelashes have made an appearance about at day 7. So sweet. She is so new!
*She has little stork bites on her forehead. I love them.
*Her tiny little legs.
*She fits in preemie clothes comfortably. I did not think I would get to use those again!
*She is such a great nurser! Minus the not gaining weight.
*I heard her get mad yesterday in the car because I waited too long to feed her. I have never heard her like this. I like being reminded she was born with perfect lungs!
*I adore pink.
*She has been showered with so many nice gifts from so many amazing friends. Every time I look at the gift bags and packages on my dining room table I feel so thankful for dear friends. I cannot put them away because it is just such a sweet reminder of those who love her.
*Her eyes are really looking blue, but I have felt like they were going to be more like Paxton's color. Difficult to decide on the color until about 9 months old.
*Her little noises are so sweet. When she gets hungry she just lets out these little grunts like.
*I love her name. It always puts a smile on my face and in my heart when someone asks me her name. I love that we chose that for her.
*Her legs are so tiny and short. She would be so much longer if her legs were normal length!
(I am pretty sure I know where she gets that from!)
*Have I mentioned I LOVE pink? Like a lot?
*Her smell is addicting. I don't want her to ever lose it. Can we bottle that newborn smell please?
*Her lips quiver and it is so cute.
*Newborns are just so easy. I know not everyone may feel that way, but all they do is eat and sleep. Her doctor asked if she had her days and nights confused and I laughed because don't they just have nights at this stage? She is awake for very little time of the day, but when she is I love staring into her eyes.
*Her hair is so fun. All my boys had tons of dark, thick, long hair. Jadeyn's hair was light and straight. She did not have nearly as much of it either. I loved her hair do not get me wrong. It is just fun to have such the opposite this time. She has so much hair we cannot do the karo syrup bows because they will not stay in at all. We are loving headbands though. We rarely spend much time without one on!

Let's face it, I could go on and on, but I will stop there and hopefully this will get me on the ball with updating more. I am anxious to write about her birth. I honestly feel we are closest to Heaven in those very moments. Definitely moments I want to always remember.