Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too cute!

I think it is so funny that Cortland calls Bennett's DS his "wi-wi". Like a little Wii. Umm, that is pretty much the cutest thing I have heard in a very long time. I want to start a blog of all the funny/fun things my kids say.

*the other day we were driving around waiting for Andy and I said is this fun or what guys, and Cortland replys with "it is definetly not or what." Then I said Cortland, you are too stinkin' cute and he immediately said, ewe, like stinky poop! Ah, no not like stinky poop! I guess that will be one adjective I will not say too much.

Jadeyn told me that I need two babies, because I have two feeders...makes me want to pee my pants funny.


For years now I have wanted a jewelry armoire {just found out that is the proper name for them}. Seriously. YEARS. I have hinted and showed Andy ones I like, but we just don't really do gifts for each other. Especially since we have moved into our new home where there are so many things to buy.

This past Christmas I found one I really loved at Target, of course, and planned on getting that either for Christmas or Birthday or Mothers Day. We we forgoed the Christmas gifts this year so I was really hoping for it for my birthday.

A week before my birthday I told Andy that I think it is time to get my jewelry out of the ziploc bags. Not that I have much of it, but come one, plastic bags are never a good source to hold your jewels!

He went to Target and target online and they ONLY CARRY THEM DURING CHRISTMASTIME! UGH!!! Oh well. So as for me and my jewels, you will see them in plastic bags for a while longer. Maybe finally when I find one a nice little eternity band will be inside?

I have checked SO many stores in the last week and NOTHING ANYWHERE!

Oh well, what can you do?

Happy Birthday!

Getting his DS!

The month of April has a lot of birthdays for us. Not only Bennett and I, but my grandpa, my sister in law, brother in law and another brother in law. Lot's of birthdays!
The kiddos on Bennett's birthday!

On my birthday my grandma came over the one who is known as grandma taco, and brought tacos and twinkies topped with candles. It was a fun afternoon with her and Andy even came home for lunch. It was a lot of fun. That evening we went to my favorite The Melting Pot. Gosh I love that place. I would go there once a week if we could. My mouth is watering just typing this out.

Friday I made dirt cups for Bennett's class to celebrate his birthday and we all went and had lunch with him at school and played at recess with him. The kids loved it and Bennett was so happy we all came. That evening was the spring fling.

The next Saturday which is Bennetts actual birthday we went to The little gym for the kids classes then my mom and I took Bennett out for lunch to Red Robin. Then we went and visited my grandma in rehab. We came home and he played outside with friends and then for dinner that night we took the whole family to chuck e cheese. They all had so much fun. It was so fun watching them all have such a good time.
The next day Sunday we all went to church and then got ready for Bennett's family birthday party with my side of the family. That was really fun and he got so many nice things. Lot's of new clothes, a spiderman toy, bases, a cool frisbee and a DS and a DS game. Against my wishes he is now the new owner of a DS. I did not want to be one of those families. I hate those things. Bennett is such an active kid though, I don't think it will be that bad. Plus just like tv he will not use it on school nights so it should be fine. I do want to get some games for it, is that sad or what! He was very very excited about it beause I had told him he will never have one of those, well I guess I buckled!
Then Monday night Andy's side of the family was supposed to get together, but we changed it to Tuesday so that was last night and it was a lot of fun. He got a cool mechanical airplane and cool firsbee, bakugun, a new quater holder with quarter. They were all such nice gifts! We had a good time with snicker brownies and ice cream. We were all caked out!
The three birthday-ees!
Bennett designed his own cake, not my favorite, but just what he wanted! He did a good job!
My mom brings a gift for all the kids on every ones birthday. That is so thoughtful I think!
Such a fun time with our birthdays! We are very grateful we could have our families here to celebrate!
*****Stay tuned for more pics from last nights celebration!

Spring Fling!

We enjoyed Bennett's schools spring fling again this year. The kids just have so much fun. All the bouncey houses, fun carnival type games, rides, cake walks, face painting, hotdogs, pretzels, pizza and nachos. It is just a lot of fun. As we were walking into it last Friday Andy said, well this can give us an idea of how Disney World would be. True, only on a way bigger scale!

They all just had a blast and we did too. Every child won on the cake walk. Jadeyn was so excited to get a Tana {hannah montana} buckett with goodies. I have no earthly idea of how she even knows who that is! We all just had a great time. I am so happy his school does this sort of thing. SO FUN!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I did it!

It is a great day!


Everytime I would ask Maddox if he was sick, this is the face he would give me.
I guess this is his sick face!

Poor little Jadeyn. She was so sick and because she cannot stand to not be by my side, she would follow me around just laying next to where I was standing. So sad to see them all so sick. I have to say Cortland had it the worst. Poor guy.

I became best friends with these items the past week or so.
Gosh, have we had a rough go around here these past two weeks. I am sick and tired of sick kids. Bennett came home one day kind of sick from school. It lasted a few days just not feeling so well. I was thanking my lucky stars that no one else got it. Sunday morning of Easter my nephew Jordan woke up sick and then by Wednesday my three middle kids and Taylor {nephew} and Brookly {neice} had gotten it. We had it pretty bad. The poor kids did not know what hit them. They were throwing up and in the bathroom ALL THE TIME. One day I did over 15 loads of laundry. It was a long tough couple of weeks. I think, maybe just maybe we are over it. It is unbelievable how much harder it seems with so many small kids.

My dear friend saw a post on facebook talking about the sick kids and at the end of it I said Calgon! You remember that commercial from the 80's. Calgon take me away. I didn't not know they even made it anymore, but she showed up on my doorstep with two boxes and a sweet card. Seriously, she is SO nice and considerate.


Although this is not ALL of Andy's brothers, it is a good representation of them. Matt and Brian weren't there, but they were sure missed. Marcus is not in this picutre either. They had so much fun together. It was fun having them all here. I sure wish there were more time each time we get together and I really wish we were able to see them all more...

Easter 2009

I was horrible at taking pictures this Easter. I am so sad. Hello it was Paxtons first Easter! It had just been so crazy with the wedding and stuff that I didn't really think about pictures. I didn't take any of the delish dinner nor any pictures at my Aunts house. How could this happen! We did have a great Easter and was so happy to spend it with so much family!

My little gymnast

Jadeyn has no fear. Well in some things she surprises me by how reserved she is, but when it comes to gymnastics this girl does it all. She always does back walk overs off the couch and the other day I showed her how to follow her hands back to the floor and then push and walk over. I held my hand on the bottom of her back for a spot and she did it. She now does back handsprings. It is really so cute. I always wanted to take gymnastics and my mom wouldn't let me because she was so afraid I would break my neck. Funny I think, but she let me try just about everything else, so I am not holding a grudge or anything, but I don't think I can hinder her talent here I think she will need to get signed up for gymnastics and soon.

While Karl was here she was able to display some of her fearless abilities. She loves when he throws her up in the air. This guy is 6'7 so it is already high to begin with. The boys think it looks fun and then chicken out one they get up there.

Family Pictures

Maddox is a daddy's boy through and through.

So while Andy's family were in town we had our family pictures take. Something I really want to do with my parents and brother and sister in law too. The last one we did we just had Bennett so I think it is time to update that too. I can't wait to get the photos back. I can't wait to hang it on my wall. I have the perfect spot for them. I just wish everyone would have been able to be in the picture. Maybe we can super impose them in or something.

The newlyweds. Yes they were there at 10am the morning after their wedding.

Brandon did not want to be left out of the photo ops. I got some great fun shots of him. What a cool guy. We had so much fun with him while he was here.
These girls are some of my very best friends. I am so lucky to have such amazing sister in laws. It is crazy to think when I met them they were babies. We have such a great time together and rarely go to bed before 2 when we are together.
Maddox loved the wide open spaces at the park.

As soon as we get the CD for those I will be sure to add them.

All I got that day was some random ones here and there. There are some pretty cool pics though. Enjoy!

The Reception

Trying to get a whole group shot.

Andy's family. There were two siblings missing and 9 total. We missed you Matt, Brian, Paige, Sarah, Saraih, D, J, J, J, P, K and W.

Grandkids. There are 13 here and we are missing 7. The funniest thing is 9 of them are 3 and under. They were all so cute and all did amazing that whole day.

The cousins. They had SO much fun together. The three oldest boys played for hours and hours. They get a long SO well. Jadeyn loves Haley. I think she loved having a girl around here for a while!

Cherise and Andy.

These two are special buddies. They love each other.
They were dance partners most of the night.

This boy has moves and LOVES to dance!

This one, of course, was a perfect angel the whole day.

The chocolate fountain was so good, but everyone was a big mess!

He had his eye on those jelly beans the whole night!

These girls loved the cake and could not take their eyes off of it. It really was very beautiful!

The reception was so fun. The kids danced and played and danced and played and throw in an occasional trip to the chocolate fountain and it was a great time had by all! The kids had so much fun just running around. THEY DID SO WELL THIS WHOLE DAY! There was not one break down at all. It was a very LONG day too. We left around 11 and and got home around 11 so it was a really long day and everyone did so well. I am so proud of my kiddos for doing such a great job. The chocolate fountain was amazing. By the end of the night we were covered in chocolate and ready for our beds.

The Temple

Jadeyn could not keep her eyes off Cherise. Still to this day she asks to see pictures of Cherise when she was a princess. So cute.

Cherise and Karl were married in the St. Louis Temple. It was such a fun crazy busy day. We had 12 kids waiting with three babysitters. They actually did a great job at least we heard. It was a VERY cold and windy day, but still it was so fun for us all to be there. We are very grateful we were able to be there. Uncle Jake was Jadeyn's little buddy a big part of the day. It was really cute.

Poor little Maddox was frozen. All 20 pounds of this child. It was so sad.

Trying to get a group shot.
I am not sure who took this picutre, but I wish they would have told me I will look like a floating head. Ah, scoot over MOM! I am hardly in any pictures the way it is and we finally get one of our family and it looks like this! Oh well. Everyone was so cold and not very comfortable anyway. We will try another one when it gets warmer.

The kids were SO cold. It was so sad. But, we got some great pictures and isn't that what it is all about? Just kidding.

Afterwards we went to a buffett to eat and get ready for the pictures and reception. It was a really great day.