Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Four weeks!

I had an appointment yesterday and it went pretty well. I was a little worried because since the Thursday before I was ordered to "rest". This weekend was rough. I just want to do what I want to do. I was driving Andy crazy with lists upon lists of things I really want to do, but I was good and did nothing. Other than enjoy Andy's family that came in town for the weekend.

So at my appointment he checked me and I am not dilated at all and starting to thin out a little, which is normal for me at this point. The baby has finally switched and is not longer transverse, which is always good. The heartbeat was at a steady 167. We scheduled the section for May 2. I get to be there at 5:30 am! It is so crazy to think how fast this day will come! Am I ready? I know one thing, I am not sure I am ready for Paxton to not be my baby. He is starting to seem really big and old and starting to slim down, so I guess the time has come, but to me, they will all always be my babies!

We still have no idea if this sweet baby will be a girl or a boy. I go back and forth. I really think it is a boy, mostly because that is what we do. We make boys. For the first 19 weeks I was sure it was a boy then we had our ultrasound and I was really confused because I really felt like the baby was a girl. Since then, I have been confused. I am not sure. I don't really care either way. Every one else really seems to, but I don't, I do just wish I knew already though! I ready to get things ready. I do have a girl and a boy outfit to take to the hospital, so I guess I am covered!

So with only four weeks to go, I am hoping that many things will get crossed off my list, many bonding moments will occur with the five children we have and a lot of rest will be had by yours truly! FOUR weeks seems entirely too soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things I would have posted to Facebook if I hadn't been enjoying Paradise

(not in any certain order!)

*I aways forget how many people are so completely comfortable in a bikini. Old, young, thin, not so thin...I admire their confidence!
*Speedos will always get a good laugh from me!
*I cannot wrap my head around how lucky I am to be right here right now!
*My husband is truly my best friend. We cannot get enough of each other!
*I hope the kids are being good and having fun!
*I am so grateful for Nicki and her awesome personality!
*The beach scene always takes my breath away!
*Even in Mexico people think I should speak Spanish and think it is weird Andy does!
*I keep thinking of the things the Kids would love here and how not as relaxing it would be if they were here!
*I am pretty sure I have eaten more this week than I have this year!
*We have our own personal butler, a maid, someone who cooks for us and brings us drinks whenever and whatever we want. We have someone who drives us around the resort if we want and someone who does our laundry. The more I think about all that the more I realize that is exactly what our moms did for us!
*Why do I not live on the coast?
*Room service 24 hours a day? Sure!
*We have gone to bed earlier here every night than we do at home.
*A little burn never hurt anyone, but it sure affects my sleep!
*Gourmet? Of course!
*You want to do our laundry and press it? Sure!
*I am completely aware I look better with a little color on my face!
*I thought I was going to have a baby tonight!
*My feet did not like our flight one bit!
*Now those are tacos!
*Alberto and Olivia are a match made in Heaven!
*I am thinking in Mexico maybe they think a little alcohol is ok when you are preggers, just a little. Every time we ask for our drinks (sin alcohol=no alcohol) they look so let down and confused!
*A facial sounds just about perfect right now and then it was! The best one ever!
*I want a bathroom just like this if I get to build a house again someday!
* I really know a lot more Spanish than I thought I did!
*I love people watching!
*I think this lady thinks this us a topless beach! We look for her every day!
*Japanese food might just be my favorite food...
*Just talked with the kids and they already sound different!
* I am just so grateful to be married to my best friend. We never run out of things to say!
*We always sit by Canadians!
*I am going to have to do a cleanse after this!
*I am a loner...I only need Andy.
*Watermelon juice is my most favorite of all the juices!
*Beets and mouse, weird, but good!
*The hardest decision of our day is beach or pool? Such a life!
*I think I seriously have sun poisoning!
*Yes, I do most definitely have sun poisoning!
*Taking a nap on the beach sounds so nice. And it was!
*I think I have hit my food quota for the year!
*Another cocoloca, yes. Another pina colada, yes!
*Getting dolled up for the company diner is fun to do once in a while!
*I have done my makeup twice every day of this vacation and my hair every day and wore contacts every day and am realizing how much of a slob I must be at home!
*There is little that can be compared to walking in our room full of rose petals on the ground and roses on the bed and a bath drawn with rose petals floating on top. I feel like a princess!
*I cannot stop itching!
*I really kind of am anti-social!
*So proud of the hubs for attaining this huge accomplishment! He is such a hard worker!
*Can I take the beach home with me please? Or at least the pool?
*This burn will not stop my massage and pedicure, I will breath through the pain!
*Pops is awesome!
*"Where did Andy go?"
*Finding our peeps? and then meeting Luis!
*Our last day is always bitter sweet.
*Got all of our souvenirs!
*Still feeling really burnt!
*Best surf and turf ever!
*"You are a doctors wife, you can afford to buy organic milk from Sam's!" Talking to another couple about how we shop at Aldi, but how I cannot buy their milk!
*Our last breakfast of champions!
*We never got a picture of a cuate...but not for a lack of trying!
*I got some awesome earrings from my awesome hubby!
*Getting company gifts every night was one of the big highlights!
*And there goes the itouch...
*Prepping for the flight home. It is such a catch 22. I am drinking a ton of water to avoid swelling and contractions, but now I will have to go to the bathroom every other minute!
*Got my new camera just in time!
*Can we just move to Mexico?
*Let the peeling begin!
*We have a game plan if I go into labor in Mexico and hopefully we will not need to execute it!
*Can't wait to get my hands on our babies! I have really missed them!
*The thing I loved best about Mexico I get to take home with me, I love you ANDY!