Monday, February 22, 2010

The great hair drama of 2010

Andy and I had a hot date planned for the night before Valentines day and while we were gone a major tragedy happened in our home. Cortland and Jadeyn decided to cut Jadeyn's hair. It was traumatic. Probably more for me than anyone else.

We got home from our night out and my two sister in laws said, so Jadeyn decided to cut herself some bangs. Oh boy I thought. I do not care for bangs on my little girl and she has never had any so I was worried. I went into her room where she was asleep and I saw the damage. We all know she has a hair curse. In January of 2009 she had like 10 inches cut off to a cute bob, because she was twirling so much and I thought that may help and she had broke off so much from twirling that it did not look so great. I wish I would not have cut it off and just let her get the twirling out of her system and then cut it, but oh well. So anyway, recently it was looking kind of bad again because of the twirling and I was debating cutting it again, but thought since I regretted it last time I would just let it go and hopefully she would grow out of this annoying habit and then shape it up and fix her hair-do. Well she with Cortland decided to take matters in their own hands quite literally. Don't get me wrong, I love this little do. I think it is adorable and my plan one day is to have a little girl with this bob and a little girl with long hair. Now I just need another little girl, right:)! So anyway, the damage was quite extensive. Not only were bangs cut, but the side that she twirls was thin and damaged and then right in the back was a straight blunt cut. I started to cry. Isn't that ridiculous? I mean she cut her hair, she was not sick, she was not hurt in any way and I cried. It must have been loud because it woke her up and I felt so so bad. She looked scared and as she stood up she started to cry and said, "Am I not a princess anymore?" SO SO sad. I immediately told her she was still a princess and she is. I took her in the bathroom to evaluate even more and there was no way to do a comb over, and make it work at all, so I just cut off the little long strands that were left. It was sad. I ended up later taking her to a salon to get a more polished cut for her and it ended up being darling. I think she likes it too. While she was getting it cut, just like the rest of my kids getting their hair cuts they are silent and barely move and almost fall asleep, but she did mutter softly to the stylist and said "can you make it like Ariel" {little mermaid}? She said sure I can and did a great job. It does not look long and red like the Little Mermaid, but it is adorable and looks so great. I think she even likes it. She does ask everyday though if she has her long hair back yet. So darling. I am sure in no time it will be back, but until then I am quite enjoying this adorable look on her and by the looks of these pics, she feels pretty darn cute herself!


Anonymous said...

very sweet!! fit for a princess!!!

My Magnolia Cottage by Lori said...

I saw her the other day and had to ask who she was, because I didn't recognize her. I love the hair cut! I think it looks so cute!! (If Katelyn's hair was straight, I would cut it this way) She is getting so big too!!

Amber said...

What a cutie. I love the cut.