Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you hear that???

It is quiet in my house right now. I hear the air conditioner running. That is it. It is after midnight and I find myself having an occasional late night like this once in a while. It really is the only quiet time I get! Sometimes I just have to do it.

  • Oh gosh did we have a great vacation. Can I just live on the beach please? It all went so well. I loved that we went from the beach to the pool to the beach to the pool and repeat a dozen times. It was heaven. I was hoping that the kids would like that "low key" type of thing and they did great. It was amazing. Having Andy with us all 10 days straight was amazing. Too bad there is that pesky making a living thing we get to do! I will for sure blog a whole post just on our vacation. Amazing.

  • When standing in line to see the princesses for the seventh time, I turned on my camera and it read no images. I instantly felt tears. Luckily thanks to some great people I was able to recover all my 761 photos when I got home. I am so so thankful to them and being able to find them. It was just such an amazing time I really wanted the photos to look back on.

  • This week since we pretty much ate out the last two weeks, I have really been into cooking. I mean I cook everyday, but I was so excited to get back in my kitchen and cook for my kids. I like knowing what they are eating. I have tried a new recipe every day this week and they have been wonderful. I got them all out of the real simple magazine. It was a good issue I tell ya. Plus I have been able to freeze an extra meal every night too which has been great. I am so grateful I like to cook, since it is a big part of my career if you know what I mean!

  • Our garden is absolutely amazing! My herbs make the whole back yard smell wonderfully. We got tons of strawberries this year and our veggies are really doing great. I can't wait to be having our veggie filled meals again. I also got a juicer for Christmas and I am excited to use that with all our veggies and fruits.

  • Two days ago we had three accidents. I was upstairs getting ready for church and Bennett came running up crying saying that Maddox's head was bleeding really bad. I ran downstairs and could not believe my eyes. I have never EVER in my whole life have seen more blood. He stood there and saw my expression and said, "it's ok, mom, I all better, I'm just bleeding". I think he was in shock, because he was acting like nothing was going on. I started to cry because I felt like I was going to faint and I hate hate hate that I can't do blood. I couldn't comfort him. I knew if I walked closer I would pass out and then what would the kids do? I called Andy in his meeting and crying said come home come home! Poor guy, I am sure I scared him. He got here in 3 minutes and took over. He loves that type of thing. Not our kids being hurt, but taking charge and getting the job done. Turns out he had a cut in his head, but it wasn't that big at all. The head really bleeds. Let me just tell ya, it really gushes fast! Then at my grandparents house Cortland dropped a brick on his toe and broke it and got a nice cut out of it as well, then on the way into our house poor little Paxie fell and scraped up his whole right side of his face and he doesn't look so great. I wanted to wrap Bennett and Jadeyn, the only two who didn't get hurt, in bubble wrap to cover my bases for the day! We all survived and went to bed very grateful it wasn't anything more serious.

  • Paxton is really getting old. I just realized he is a few months older now than Maddox was when Paxton was born! I cannot believe that. It seems impossible. Paxton is so cute with babies. He loves his cousin Qyle and you can tell Paxton thinks he's such a big guy when he is holding him.

  • We have a busy weekend coming up and I am already tired just thinking about it.

  • My house is a mess because I have been devoting way too much time on my cookbook. Typing it all out, is just plain crazy. Seriously.

  • I am having a Scentsy catalog party for my sister in law Gloria. Let me know if you want something or are interested in knowing what it is.

  • I am going to be really tired tomorrow!

  • This post is really turning into a random entry.

  • This is the longest I have ever gone not being pregnant. My baby is 21 months and luckily for me he still seems like a baby. I like that about him.

  • I did not work out nearly as much as I should have on vacation and it feels so good getting back on my routine. I just love it. Really. I do.

  • Sometimes I wish I didn't have to be so detail orientated even though it is mostly my best trait I think.

  • My kids are so lucky to have my mom around. She just loves them so much! We are going to her work picnic tomorrow. It is always a good time.

  • I was thinking about getting the "bob" but I guess I will wait. I always wear my long hair up. Partly because I like it off my neck, partly because I work out every day and it gets hot and partly because I am a mom. To FIVE kids. Who had time to use the flat iron everyday? Not me. You probably guessed that answer, right? Andy say's it is a no go because my face is too round. Thanks hun.

  • I think once a month I am going to post all my facebook entries on my blog so I can look back and see what I was up to. I think FB has kind of taken over the blog revolution. It is kind of sad.

  • We are thinking about taking a little trip to vegas/cali this summer just Andy and I to visit some of the greatest people on earth. Still not sure, they don't even know yet.

  • At night I dream about getting Andy's whole family together and what it would take to make it happen. Can I win the lottery and get everyone home and rent a huge house for every one to stay in? I guess I can't win, if I don't play, right?

  • I really miss Chicago. Still. We want to go back for a visit, {it has been three years!}, but I am afraid I will miss it too much when I get back there.

  • Maddox's eyes have a sparkle in them. He is still so teeny tiny with dark chocolate eyes and 100% delicious.

  • Have I mentioned my house is a mess. Any want to clean some bathrooms? Am I the only one that ALWAYS HAS SEVERAL THINGS ON MY TO DO LIST! My head spins thinking about all I have to do.

  • My sister in law Cami has become of the age of babysitting! It is awesome. She is awesome. She always comes with special treats and things planned. It is awesome. She is awesome!

  • I love spending time with my husband. I love that night when we are going to bed we talk for ever as if we didn't just spend the whole evening together and on the phone over his lunch. I just love him. I just love our relationship!

  • Jadeyn actually performed in her recital. I thought there was about a 15% chance she would and she did it. I was so happy for her because she loved it. She looked so beautiful. She knows every single word to Don't stop believing by Journey, thanks to the Glee CD.

  • The three middles are playing TBall. It is Oh. So. Cute.

  • Sometimes I wish we lived in the south. Or the west. But right now the South. Georgia? North Carolina? It would be fun. On our way home form FL Andy and I both agreed we would live somewhere new and fun if it weren't for our families and more in particular he said, my mom. Not to mention my whole entire family lives here. We would be silly to get up and move.

  • I dream about custom building a home someday.

  • I can't believe I have a fourth grader. He is so old. Maybe about 2 inches shorter than me and his foot is 2 sizes bigger than mine. It is weird hearing about every one dealing with the summer and their kids not being in school. I LOVE having him home and the summers make me wish I home schooled, but the summer is really not that much different for me. 4/5 of my kids are always home. I am thinking about doing a little summer camp for the four oldest this summer. We will have to see. Since I was bad bad I didn't get Bennett signed up for baseball in time and I am thinking martial arts for the summer. I hear it does great things for responsibility and character building.

  • I saw the new Kate plus eight preview and her life makes mine look like a walk in the park, without four children four and under.

  • I wish I had Mrs. Duggars' patience and calm tone. What a sweetie she is. {I think it is weird her daughter in law calls her Mrs. Duggar. Weird}

  • Now that it is REALLY late I guess I should sign off.

  • I really hate all the medical bills we have. People are always talking about how having children is so expensive. More food can get pricey I suppose, but there are so many ways to save. Medical bills are crazy though. I have medical bills every month from whatever reason. Not to mention our 1000 deductible and the 600-900 we pay EVERY SINGLE MONTH. It is insane.

  • Cortland's tenderness is so tender. I love that boy. He is adorable. I wish I was hugging him right now.

  • Ok, now it really is too late. What a crazy post. I will probably look at this tomorrow and make a mental note to not blog so late. I may wish I hadn't.

  • Can I go back on vacation with my 6 great people??? Please?
  • Pretty please?

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janet said...

I hate medical bills and student loans :)

Terica, you are such a great mom and you can just feel HOW MUCH you love your kids through each post.

Are you guys still thinking about coming to Vegas this summer?