Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Am I the only one that is constantly setting new goals??? I think that with the start of the new school year, as this happens every year, it gives me the motivation to reevaluate and see what needs a little tune up.

This week I have a few goals that have to get done. First and foremost! LAUNDRY! We just got back from another Disney trip {more on that later} and I have mounds of laundry to do. I am just not looking forward to that. I don't mind doing it, it is the putting away and all that stuff that does not sound too fun to me.

Another goal for this week is to get this blog more current, print pics from my frames in the basement, and get my booty back to the gym! Even though I was sweating like crazy, Disney is NOT the place to go in August!, and was walking all day, I gained four pounds! That is frustrating. My treadmill is calling my name! I am also planning on finishing my cookbook that I have been working on for far too long!

My goals for this school year are just some that I am adding to my current goals. Like, I am making myself pack B's lunch every night before school. I also want to be better about making Bennett study. Last year he would come home without any homework ever, because he would do it at school, but I think it is good for kids to study every day to keep their brains going. So I have different things I am doing with him every day after school and then he gets to read for 20 minutes before he goes to sleep in his bed. I also want to be better about reading my scriptures. My day always ends up going better when this is done. So before the little ones get up, that is what I will be doing. I will also keep up with my marathon a week along with my 30 day shred every other day.

So there you have it. I am still not sure on this starting school stuff. I miss him. A lot. Every year about this time I wish I home schooled. Why do "they" get him the whole day?

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