Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

I can hardly believe we have entered a new year, ALREADY! Where does the time go? Just last night Bennett, 9, said, "does it seem to you like the months go by really really fast?" Ah, yes it sure does. And he is 9! Time surely doesn't move quite a quickly as it does for an adult, right?

I cannot tell you how many times during my days, months, years I wish for this time in my life to just slow down already. I struggle with time moving too fast. I just adore this moment in my life and I do not want it to pass by this quick.

Anyway, each year about this time of year Andy and I really try to focus on our goals for our family and our personal goals. Normally the first Family Home Evening of the year, which we have on Monday nights, we discuss the goals with the the kids. This past Monday we were all wiped out from the constant party at our home over the holiday so we will hold FHE tonight. This year I have been really trying hard to come up with a great family motto for us. It can be just one word that has great meaning, or a phrase or a scripture. I have been thinking about it for weeks and think I have finally decided on one. Our kids will hear this a lot this coming year, I promise.

I keep a little journal notebook in my desk drawer and every year start a new one and pack away my old one. It is fun to look back and see what was on the grocery list, to do list, to craft list, to call list, to pay off know the lists. Andy teases me about making lists for my lists. I will not lie, I have done that before. I am a big list maker. If I walk into a store without my list, anxiety hits like a ton of bricks. It does not bode well for me. So I will keep on with my list making.

This years journal already has goals filling the pages, things to do for my new primary calling and birthday planning for Maddox. I love having it at my finger tips to jot down whatever I am thinking or needing at the time.

Some of my big goals this year are just that. Big. I have them down to Family goals, personal goals, goals as a mother and homemaker. The two goals I have for my children is to teach them patience and self control. The concept of not going form 1 to 10 in a half of a second when something doesn't work or work to their advantage is a big thing to teach. Especially when they are little. Patience is something they are pretty good with, but being raised in a larger than the norm family, it is something that will have to be instilled in to them.

Personal goals are the normal goals I make for myself every year. Read more, especially the scriptures, I have a goal to read the whole BofM by my birthday. Pay attention to everything I am eating. When I am not pregnant I am so aware of this and when I am, not so much. Should be the other way I around, I agree. Move more, up earlier, prepare more and earlier, go the distance, pay even more attention to detail and those kind of things.

As for Family goals we have a few. Most of them we already do, but it is good to reinforce them. As I mentioned, Family night. Family council every week where we discuss the weeks agenda, our goals, our needs. Reading with the family every single night. An ensign article discussed at the table every morning or as close as many mornings as we can. Up earlier with a more relaxing morning to benefit from it. I am going to incorporate a family award that when we see you doing something special for someone or something in the home that you normally do not, you get an award along with your name on our board. We are going to have a game night once a week that that is all we do. Have the three middle kids do more jobs than the past. Now typing it all out it seems a bit daunting, but my kids really love structure and they really love to do anything that makes them feel like they are helping. They will sure love all these ideas.

I love the newness of the year and I love the goals we can all make. Resolutions, not so much, but goals that can only help us become better than we were the day before is my thing. So here's to making a better tomorrow!

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