Thursday, April 28, 2011

all in a decade

My baby, my very first baby, the baby that made me a mommy is ten. TEN! How can it be? When I think of all that has happened since my very first child has been born, I guess it makes since, but I would like to repeat the last 10 years about 10 times, because they have been so great.

Bennett is a good kid. He tries hard. He is disciplined. He is sweet and kind. He worries about other people and their self worth. He likes to be a leader to his siblings. He loves sports. He really loves to read. He is still into Pokemon. He is so excited to have a baby sister. He is helpful. He loves to memorize.

He is just an all around good child. I have been so blessed to have him. I am sure there are times where I just wish I could get inside his brain and see why he will not put his jammies in the clothes basket or why I find those Pokemon cards around the house, but I will take those imperfections when I get such a great kid that goes a long with them.

Bennett, I wish I had a handbook on how to be the best mom I can be to you. I wish I knew all the ways to raise a wonderful, hardworking, man who know how much his Heavenly Father loves him, but even though I do not have that handbook, you sure seem like you are turning out to be the boy who already knows those things and has already accomplished those things as well. You amaze me. You inspire me. I love you my sweet baby. I am not sure if it is alright calling you that especially since we look eye to eye now, but not matter how tall you grow and how old you turn, to me, you will always be my baby!


The Trees said...

Such a sweet kid. Tomorrow your life changes again Terica. I'm so excited and happy for you and your family!

Cherise said...

I remember when I was Bennett's age and I passed your height a year before. I remember when he was born...the time has sure flown!

mjshdiif said...

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