Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I have a five month old, for the fifth time.

I cannot believe my little sweet,
chew on his hands, always wants to eat, getting a little chunky, smiling all the time, as patient as can be, giggles all the time, reaches for toys, laughs at his feet, plays with his hands, squeels so cute,
melts my heart and makes me feel more blessed every day is
I know I have been super bad at updating lately and it is partly due to my computer crashing, but partly due to being lazy. This past Saturday Paxton and I made our way up north a bit for a fun little photo shoot. He was so good, as always, and actually has given me too many options to chose and hang in my home sure to be seen everyday. They all turned out so well and we had such a good time.

Paxton, thank you. Thank you for making these past five months the very best of my life.


Shane, Megan, and Carter said...

What beautiful pictures and what a precious little guy! He looks so much like Maddox to me!

Fideles Five said...

Everytime I come to your blog, I must say I love the mommy and me picture of you and Paxton the best!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...


Missi said...

Pictures are just GORGEOUS! Great styling too, Love the whole brown thing... Little Paxton looks like an English Boy that's for sure:)