Friday, February 6, 2009

And we're back!

Finally after two weeks I now have my computer back. After 13 days, numerous calls to India, several conversations with "Sam's" and "Johns", many hang ups, two frustrated normally laid back people, one great friend miraculously transferring all of our documents and pictures over to our external hard drive, and one "tech", we are back in business.

Man do I have a lot to post. I have lots of pictures to get back up on my picture a day. I have been taking, just not able to post. Can I say how grateful I am for our external hard drive? What would have I done if almost 22, 000 pictures were lost!? I would have cried for sure.

Looking at my blog again I cannot believe how much Paxton has changed from that picture in the header. Paxton has taken over and becoming the chubby bubby I have been longing for. Potty training has been successful, I have realized I have an addiction with checking my bank account and hated not being able to do that every day while my computer was down. I am totally missing everything that I have bookmarked. I have NO idea all the sites that I frequented quite often. Oh well. At least I still have photos.

Be on the look out for many more posts and pictures soon to come.

PS we have found a great babysitter and have used her twice now! Total score!


Fideles Five said...

Wow, a lot has been going on! Hey, who is your great babysitter?? Curious!

Sariah English said...

I totally understand what it feels like when you computer is down. It took me forever to find all my bookmarks! But your right, it is the photos that matter!

SimplySarah said...

I hope I am not being replaced.. :(
(not that I have ever babysat, but I want to!! :) ) ha.