Friday, October 23, 2009

Missing Disney...

I was reading a dear friends blog and they just recently went to Disney World and it made me miss it. Bad. Is that weird. Like it is home or something. Then I got to thinking about the fact that last year I never got around to posting pictures from Disney and I haven't posted them from this year either! That is sad. Simply sad. The thing is, I have SO many pictures and so many fond memories that it is hard to find the words to describe how fun it was and to dwindle down the thousands, yes thousands, of pictures. Anyway...

So I decided to look at my June's file of photos and I came
across this little gem. Oh my stinkin' cute.
STINKIN' cute! Love it!
This little princess was ready to call it a day. We left the resort to get to the park the minute it opened and we had a fun filled day enjoying every single minute we were there. We had a late night dinner in THE castle and left when the park closed. It was our first day and we were all eager to enjoy every minute of it. When we walked out to catch our bus back to the resort Jadeyn had more than she could handle, and we just could not hold her any longer. We were waiting for about 15 minutes and finally when we saw the bus coming we set her down to grab all of our things and turned around to this. So super sweet. We had people, probably around 10 other couples, come and take her picture. People for many years to come will look at their Disney photos and say, now who is this little cute blond girl, I don't recognize her! Another funny thing about this photo is she never ever sucked her thumb until that trip, I think when she gets really tired this is what she does. Did we never tire her out until the land of Mickey? She still will do it occasionally if she is really tired.
What a fun trip we had. Boy do we ever feel grateful to have gotten to go again. I wish we could go again. Tomorrow. Man, that would be fun. Maybe even more fun than the Halloween bash at our bank? For now I will just have to post some photos of our trip to tide me over for a while!

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