Saturday, April 3, 2010

Changing the World

It is two am right now and obviously I am not tired. Well I think I am tired, but cannot fall asleep.

Tomorrow the Easter Bunny is coming to our home. It should be fun and the kids are pretty excited except poor little Maddox could not fall asleep and all he kept saying was, "I don't want the big bunny to come to my house to bring me eggs. I do not want candy. I do not want eggs." I guess the thought of a big bunny trespassing on his territory does not sound like a good time to him. Anyway, my mom came up this evening to help us get things ready and we have both been really wanting to see the film The Blind Side. We finally got around to watching it, but by the time we got every thing ready, eggs died, kids in bed, we did not get the movie started till almost midnight. This is why I am still up. With a movie like that, I can't just go to bed. My little brain will think about it for hours and then I will blog. Boy how I wish we would have started this around, oh say, 7?

This movie to me was just awe inspiring. Like the kind of inspiring that just makes you want to do good. I can't help but think about "mama's" selfless personality traits, but not only that, her ability to not only want to do good, be good, but actually doing good.

There are so many little one liners in this movie that I just love. I will have to watch it again and jot them all down, they were so good and so funny. Although, Sandra B.'s accent didn't quite do it for me, I felt her. I could get a glimpse of the real lady who recognised a boy in need. Wow how I wish I could be more like her.

As I was trying to fall asleep I was thinking about how I most likely will not invite a boy from the hood to live with us, there is a chance I suppose, but probably not, but that does not mean I cannot give or reach out a helping hand. I was thinking about all the things I could do to make a difference in someones life. At that moment I realized, I am making a difference in five lives right now pretty profoundly if you ask me. Yes these five deserve better than me there is no question about that, but I brought them into this world, I nurture them, care for them, love them with out exceptions, dodt on their every word, and try really hard to raise them into being upstanding citizens, that will work hard, care for others and perhaps change someone else's life. How great is that, that I get to have that kind of influence on five little ones at the moment, but someday they will be capable of doing great things.

Andy did not watch the movie with us because he fell asleep with Maddox trying to keep him content while thinking of a huge rabbit knocking at our door, but when I came to bed he asked how it was, and all I could say was it was amazing how she changed the world. By one simple act of kindness. Yes it turned into a pretty big deed, but originally she was just lending out a helping hand with a kind word and a gesture. He said she is changing the world? I thought about it a minute and realized, she may not have changed THE world, but she sure did change his world.

I think that maybe as I become better at serving those around me I will be more aware of looking for my "blind side" moment. I may not think of it being a big thing, but it sure could be pretty big to someone else.
PS how do you spell dodt?:)


Sarah said...

dote :)

Sarah D said...

Weird.. I was watched the Blind Side Saturday night, as well.. and totally felt the same way as you described!!