Sunday, May 9, 2010

A mental picture

This morning as we were walking into church I reminded the little ones that they were singing in church today. Last time they did this, they did not want to go up. So I was wondering how they would do this time.

When the time came they all ran up and even little Maddox who is not yet in primary {he missed the cut off date by 6 days} ran right up. I didn't stop him. He thinks there is not age difference between him and J and C, so why not?

Seeing all four of my little ones up there singing Mother I love you, I could not tell you how very happy my heart felt. I just was so full of Joy. The tears were flowing before a note was sung. The three little ones were on the steps and Bennett was right next to them. They were all together standing with such satisfaction. Jadeyn had her hand over her heart the whole time. I guess she thought the pledge of allegiance was next. Maddox stood there with his hands in his linen khaki pant pockets with a huge beaming smile across his face as to say, I am doing it and loving it! Cortland who was watching me mouth, "sing sing sing" , because for some reason they were so pleased with themselves being up there that they forget they were there to sing!, was mouthing back to me with his eyes squinting, "I don't know this one!". Then we have sweet Bennett who would never consider not doing what he was supposed to be doing, was singing away looking almost too tall to be in primary. It was a sight. A picture in my mind that I hope to never ever ever forget. A picture worth a thousand words. A picture that will be essential to my memories of being the mom to these wee ones. A happy happy mothers day to me!!!

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