Monday, January 7, 2013

sickies for us'

First things first, I got my computer back!  After almost five months missing in action I'm back. Hooray!

Last week Maddox got sick in the middle of the night and just like Maddox, laid back and not very vocal, he did not even wake up to tell us.  Gross I know.  Just kept sleeping.  When we woke up and saw it all we felt so bad for him.  It was only once and he just seemed to lay around all day, but we were hoping it was just a fluke and not sickness about to tear down our house!

Then the next day he seemed pretty good.  So we thought we were in the clear.  Then the next morning Emmy woke up and was sick.  I knew it was just a matter of time till we all fell one by one.  Poor Emmy just was so somber and quiet.  Its so sad when a baby is sick.  Then it hit Cortland and this boy took three days to just lay there.  Then Pax, me and lastly Jadeyn and Bennett.  Pax and I just had fevers and it only lasted about 12 hours, but the others just kind of would lay there.  Luckily this sickness was not bad, in fact it was kind of nice.  Just us all together for days.  Shutting all other things out.  Once each kid was fever free for 24 hours they felt better and were able to do more.

Sunday was probably my most favorite day of the whole break.  We went no where and did nothing.  Not even church.  We did miss our church family there and being able to take the Sacrament and feel the spirit, but being together was just what the doctor ordered.  We watched movies, played games and put together at least 10 puzzles.  It was pure bliss.  We also had such a great dinner especially for those with tummy's still on the mend.  It was a recipe we found on pinterest of course.  I will include it on here at the end.  We ended with symphony brownies for Maddox's birthday cake.

All in all as crazy as it sounds, being sick was just what we needed.  A day to recoup, recover and enjoy one another the last day before everyone headed back to work and school.  Only funny enough, I got them one more day because I thought sending them back to school might be a little too much just yet.

Chicken and "Dumplings"

3 cans Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup, luckily I already bought a case on clearance at Sams
1 3/4 cups chicken broth
1 can grands buttermilk biscuits

Cook soup and broth till boiling.  Then add biscuits cut in squares and cook boiling for 10 minutes.  Then cover and cook for additional 10 minutes.  Then serve!

This was so good and obviously so so easy!  It was a hit with everyone.


The Trees said...

I'm so glad you guys are feeling better and so so glad for you about the new computer! Yay! Definately want to try that recipe... See you sometime soon!

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