Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Backtracking IIIII, all caught up, my good husband

During Andy's lunchtime he calls home. We normally do not have much to talk about, but he always calls. I like our time to talk and the kids are normally down for naps so it is an uninterrupted conversation as well. Kind of fun.

Over the holidays we all had the flu. Several times. It was horrible. One day just to prove how horrible it was I threw up 22 times. I know gross, right? I just had to let you understand how sick we all were.
So one afternoon when Andy called he casually asked how my day was. I replied with well it is 1:00 and I have changed over 32 poopy diapers. What do you think? Fun huh? I tell you three kids in diapers is not really that, but it is when they are all sick.

When Andy walked in the door that night he brought me these beauties. I think he was being so nice, or maybe he wanted to change the aroma in our home? Either answer makes me happy.

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janet said...

what a sweet, thoughtful guy you have! And 32 diapers!! thank goodness we're in the disposable age! How did our mothers stay sane??