Monday, January 21, 2008


every night before i go upstairs to bed around 10:00 i pick up my house. i heard one girl refer to it as "put my home to sleep". i pick up the toys that were not picked up by the kids, i sweep the floors for the 3rd time that day, i make sure the laundry is some what in order, i wipe down all the stainless steel appliances which could really use it multiple times a day, i check the bathrooms with a quick clean, clorox wipes are honestly my best friends, wash the table down, fix the pillows on the couch unload and load the dishes and do the dishes that need to be done by hand and so on and so forth. i really do better when i wake to a nice sort of put together home.

now throughout the day i seem to be doing a lot these same chores. how come it never fails that as i am walking up to bed i see a crazy chaotic mess? i have been keeping up with it through the day most days and go to bed with the house is somewhat of good shape, how come it seems my house is always in need of a quick clean and sometimes a full on deep clean? i know i have heard other people have this problem i think. i hope it is not just me out there that feels like at any given moment even right after i have cleaned and picked up, it is already in need of another it just me?


Christy said...

Ah, no. It is called kids. Small kids. I go to homes where all of the kids are older and the house is all nice and picked up. Do I really have to wait that long to have a clean house? I hope not. It is one of my resolutions to have the house picked up before I go to bed. It makes a big difference in the morning.

Karyn said...

You either have to have a staff of helpers... cleaning experts... or no small children to have a clean house. Or you just have happy kids and a messy house, like me.

terica said...

I vote for the last one, thanks karyn!