Saturday, January 19, 2008

oh, since you asked...

my schedule today...
  • wake up (actually slept in a little bit)
  • take bennett to mcdonald's to use his gift certificate that he has been dying to use
  • drop bennett off at primary party
  • run to bbb to return a towel
  • run to babies r us to see if they have any children's furniture on clearance yet
  • run to weekends only to do the same
  • go back to get bennett
  • get gas
  • go to walmart (not my favorite place, it was on the way) to get a birthday gift for bennett's friend
  • take bennett to the birthday party at a laser tag place ask the mom if she needs help and she says yes (was hoping to run more errands but it was kind of fun) stayed their for 2 hours
  • go to target (love this place) get something for my room from a friends housewarming gift card (thanks sadie, carrie, jodi, amy, sharon and missy
  • go to home depot to buy the last of the paint for our house (almost have 7 of 10 rooms done)
  • go to eye doctor to have my glasses fixed- not open(I have had an earring holding my glasses together for months)
  • go to another furniture store and nothing(everything is a fortune, but cheaply made, i am giving up on children's furniture)
  • go to kohls and return things
  • go to old navy and return
  • quickly got to sams
  • remember i still have something else that needs to go to bbb
  • run to penneys to return several things to find out i am missing two of the receipts (darn it all)
  • use my gym bucks
  • realize it is 11 degrees out it is 9:00 at night and i have been out since 10:00 am
  • head home

i got home and put everything away i got from sams. i was happy that most of the day was returning which put money back in my pocket opposed to never seeing it again. it was sure a long day, but it was kind of fun spending the day with bennett. i missed my babies and my hubby desperatley and serisouly wonder if after all the running i did, if andy is even more wore out?

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