Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Hubs

Lately I have been thinking a lot about how very very lucky I am to have such a great husband. Stop reading now, if you don't want to join the gag's gonna get real mushy here!

In August, it will be our 10 year anniversary. To top that off we have known each other for 16 years. In fact he and I were walking out of our English's classes in 1993 and ran into each other. We had both known of each other, but had never really formally met. The first thing he said to me was, "Today is my birthday. I'm Andy and your Terica, right?" Who knew that 16 years down the line I would be happier than ever being married to that young boy. WOW. I cannot believe how long it has been.

Andy and I totally compliment each other. For instance, he loves to "pick up" I love to deep clean. He loves to unload the dishwasher, I love to load. We both love yard work, we have the same taste in cars, home decor, tv shows, and so on. We love the same exact foods, although he loves grapefruit and I don't and I like onions and he doesn't. Other than that, we love all the same foods. That is really convenient. He tolerates my movie choices and I his. All in all it is really nice being married to someone that has the same views and opinions as you. He is always telling me to go out for girls nights or nights to myself. He tells me to get pedicures or get my hair done. He has no problems being with the kids by himself, he likes it, he recognises I need breaks once in a while and it so willing to let me get those breaks. I am so grateful for that!

Another thing I love about our relationship is he and I could talk all day everyday every minute of the day. We never run out of things to say. I can honestly say that even though we did not meet till 16 years old, we feel like we grew up with each other with as many stories as we have shared and heard. We never get bored with each other. He calls me when he gets a lunch and we talk and when he leaves from work we talk all the way till he gets home, most of the time. Sounds crazy I am sure, but I cannot get enough of him.

He is so great to me. Just today when he was making a snack for him and Bennett I heard him say, give that one to mommy because it is the most perfect one. He always chooses the best for me, he always puts me first. I am such a lucky gal. I know that. He is such a great husband. He is an amazing father, but as far as husband goes, he could not be better. I love that I have four boys that can learn from him and one day be such great husbands to their wives and I also love that Jadeyn will learn that she should not settle for anything less than the type of husband her daddy is.

Andy really really wants to go to Hawaii this year for our 10 year anniversary. When we got married we really wanted to go their, but the funds were not there, obviously. So we said that when we had been married for 10 years we would go. Well that time has come, and I cannot believe it. Where has the time gone? I would obviously love to go too, but I am having a VERY hard time leaving the kids. I can't I don't think. I am sure once I was there I would be fine and really enjoy the time with him and no other responsibilities, but what if I am not ok? What if I am sad the whole time? The other huge problem is what do we do with the kids? I think my mom will watch the baby for us. Michelle, Andy's sister is willing to watch one of the kids and maybe Bennett, so that leaves me with Cortland and Maddox, who are very good, but what do I do with them? I feel so reserved about leaving them and especially without family or someone that knows them well. I wish one of his sisters were home and they could watch them, but they are not. I have no idea what to do.

I know it is such a problem to have. I am so lucky to have this opportunity, but I am starting to think it would be so much easier, even if we do need a little get-a-way, to not go, I just don't want to disappoint Andy. We'll see I suppose. August 6th is coming soon...we shall see.

Just a little side note that I think is funny. I ran into an old friends parents at the store the other day and they asked what we were doing for our anniversary and I told them we are hoping to go to Hawaii, and then I mentioned that it would be nice to get some time to ourselves and without missing a beat, she said, well with five kids it sounds like you are finding plenty of time by yourselves! HA! I thought that was pretty funny!


Mindy said...

Oooooh, I hope you guys get to go to Hawaii.

My friend was at a specialist when he found out she had 5 kids. He said, "Man, you need to get a tv in your room, or something!"

She wasn't as amused as you.

pace family said...

Hip Hip Hooray for you guys! Love reading the blog and hearing about the updates on all the kids. miss you back here in chicago!

Pops Stargell said...

Sooooo happy for you and Andy. You guys are the perfect couple. I don't know of a better example of how a marriage should be. Happy early anniversary! I miss your fam!

Fideles Five said...

I hate to do this....but there's a family in Florida just dying to get a updated blog entry.... :)