Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fathers Day ( I thought I posted this along time ago)

Andy with his buddy!

I have to say I am so happy that I really have a lot to celebrate on Father's day. I have an awesome dad myself, and my kids do too!

This year for fathers day I redecorated Andy's office at work. Nothing big, but a few things, like a new smaller bookshelf, new fuax wood blinds because the baby 80's blue does not go well with the mocha paint, some desk organizers, a darling picture for his wall of the kids and him a new mirror and clock and a baskets of treats and lunches. This guy never takes a lunch. He is too kind to his patients. Which is good, they all love him for it, but he will waste away to nothing if he keeps this up. So now he has a stash and can just grab something quick when he can. He office looks great. I tried hard not to make it look like my office. Something manly you know. It was hard, but I think we did a great job. I wish I had the funds to get a new desk for him, but we will see. I also found out that everything I bought, home office will pay for. So it was a win win situation! Love it all!

The kids got him along with handmade cards, a picture for his office that looks like one of those motivation photos, I will have to take a picture of it. And a folder for papers that he needs to keep with him. I also scored some new nike tennis shoes for 19 dollars, so we threw that in as a gift too! They had fun watching him open them and were tickled to death when he would get excited.

We went to my grandma and grandpas for dinner. It was fun. I got to see my dad and gave him a bunch of cardinal items. It was nice to be able to spend part of the day with him, I am very fortunate to live to close to my dad and can basically see him whenever I want! It is nice. I never doubted once ever in my whole like that he loved me, like really unconditionally loved me. I am a lucky duck!

Now on to my hubby. He is such an incredible dad and I think the best thing he does for his children is treats me so well. He teaches them through example of how to be a great husband, father and friend. I am so lucky and recognize this. When I was praying about marrying, him one of the things that I could not get off my mind was the fact that I knew if I married him not only would we have such a great relationship, but I could not think of any ever that I would want as my children's dad. He was it. He is it. Thanks hon, for being the kind of father I hope my boys will someday. Thanks for never letting me doubt, that "dad" is your favorite word in your book.

Our little guy striking a pose!

Grandpa opening his presents.

The kids devouring the chips. It is obvious we never have chips in our house!

Our big boy standing!!!!

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