Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Being preggo with number 6

Wow, can I just that this pregnancy could not be any different than my others? It is so weird! With my last pregnancy, I threw up every single day and I would say I averaged throughout the entire nine months, 9 times a day. Even the very last day of the pregnancy I threw up. I was so so sick. I took so many different meds, it felt like all the time and all I did was just lay on the couch. Which looking back, I am not sure how I did that with a 7 year old and two 2 years olds and a 1 year old...hmmm. I had to have Iv's because of dehydration and I could not even keep down the pills that were supposed to make me fell better. It was no fun.

This time around, even up to like week 10 at my first appointment, I even questioned if I was pregnant. I was not sick at all. Normally I feel it and throw up before I even take a pregnancy test and this time was so so different. No sickness at all. So crazy and weird. I am not complaining just not what I was used to and just didn't feel pregnant.

At 6 weeks I got really tired. I mean, REALLY tired. Like I seriously couldn't imagine making dinner or even pouring milk for breakfast. I dreaded walking up the stairs and that was when I decided every one will dress themselves. Crazy tired. So I thought, that would be my struggle this time.

At my 14 week appointment, the nurse said it should go away by about 14 weeks. I didn't believe her. That is what everyone said about being sick too. Never happened for me. But you know what? Later that week I got my energy back. I was like a mad woman around here. I went from barely being able to hold my head up, to the person I like to be. I got projects done like you would not believe, Christmas shopping done, house looking OH SO MUCH better. It was great.

I guess the one thing that I found to be on the bright side of being so sick with the others, is I was constantly thinking about them. Always connected to my sweet baby. Every time I would throw up I would just think how great it was going to be to hold my new precious baby. This time though, I have to literally remind myself I am even expecting.

The first trimester flew by and we decided it was time to tell our families. We waited to tell every one around 18 weeks which was Thanksgiving. I had great ideas how I was going to tell everyone and every single one of them flopped. For my family I had a shirt on Paxton that said big brother and no one got it. I nearly spelled it out for my mom, and nothing. Finally after a day of being with her, Bennett said, "Grandma do you get it???Paxton. Big brother?" Finally the light bulb went on. For Andy's family at Thanksgiving I was taking big group photos of everyone and for the last one I said, "Ok on the count of three every one say, Paxton is going to be a big brother!" Well there was so much talking and laughing going on, I am not sure anyone heard! Oh well. Every one know now either through that or cards I made and sent out and we are excited that everyone is in the KNOW now.

Our ultrasound was yesterday. We had gone back and forth about finding out this time. Let me say that I honestly believe it is crazy not to find out. I don't get it. I really don't. People say it is so fun to be surprised, but I am surprised at 20 weeks when I find out? I like to be prepared and ready to go, I want to truly enjoy this new person when they are born not be thinking about other things when they come into this world. That being said, everyone and their dog says to us, even when they did not know we were having another baby, "Oh we so hope it is a girl" and everything else attributing to us having a girl. Yes I would love another girl, for sure! I never though or expected Jadeyn to be my only girl. I always wanted a large family and I it was always important to me for my girls to have sisters and my boys to have brothers. So don't get me wrong, I would love another girl. Who doesn't love pink and all those cute girls clothes? BUT!!!! I will not be sad if this is a boy. I will be very very happy. In fact, I am so sure it is a boy for the past 16 weeks that I have connected to him. I know him. I have a bond with him. Already. If it is a girl as weird as this sounds, I will miss him, but will be extremely happy to hold a sweet little girl in my arms too! SO, either way we are thrilled beyond belief.

So we went into the ultrasound and after seeing everything looked perfect about 40 minutes into it, being that the baby is transverse, we could get no shot at all of any gender indicators. The cord is going right down the tummy and over the "parts". Andy and I were sure sure sure it was a boy, until we walked out of that room and we both looked at each other and said, "that was a girl?" So who knows...we don't. That is for sure.

I am hoping he will do another scan just so I can know. I really hope. I don't think I want to be on team green or yellow, but what team I do like being on is a mom to six! I am truly blessed.


The Kelly Family said...

I am so happy for you guys! Congratulations!!

Allison said...

Congratulations to you guys. I totally relate to what you were saying about the baby being a boy vs a girl. I was so sure I was going to have a boy this time. I mean, we already have 2 girls so isn't it time to have a boy? But at the same time I thought I would be very happy to have another girl. So when we went into our ultrasound I was calling the baby "him" the whole time and when they showed us she was a girl, Richard and I were both shocked, Really? I'm so glad though. I can't wait to meet her. Only 8 more weeks!! This time we are going to wait until she's born to name her. Rachel and Cozette are our top 2 names in running. So funny that Michelle, Crystal, and I are all due within 3 days of each other--and all girls too I think.

The Trees said...

Hey Terica, I found your blog through facebook. You have such a beautiful family. I didn't realize your past pregnancies were that bad. What a trooper you are and such a good attitude. I loath morning sickness.
Whichever you have, girl or boy, will be so adorable as all your kiddos are. I'm so excited for you and your family. Again CONGRATS!

Karyn said...

Hooray for you! I'm with you on wanting to know. :)