Wednesday, May 28, 2014

to emmy

I don't think there is any surprise when I say I am a sentimental girl.  
Maybe perhaps to the extreme?  I often have tears in my eyes.  Mostly of joy and happiness.  
I get choked up over simple accomplishments, quiet moments, thoughts, gestures and so on.  Last night as I cuddled up my sweet little Emmy asleep in my bed dressed in one of her many princes dress ups, I was over come with love for this sweet little girl.  I love her.  Like LOVE her.  
I love all my kiddos to crazy measures, it's maybe the only thing I do well in life, is love them, but as I held her in my arms and tears streaming down my face I just kept thinking "I wish I could tell you".  I wish I could tell her how amazing you are for all of us.  I wish I could tell you how sweet she are.  I wish I could tell you how you soften hearts and calm our crazy.  
I wish I could tell you how precious and pure your little voice is.  I wish I could tell you how grateful I am you came to us and how grateful I am you are  raising us it seems.  I wish I could tell you simply how perfect and sweet you are.  You really are. 
 I know I am your mom, I know I should be saying this and maybe NOT be saying it to the world to seem to be one of those moms, but your goodness is something else.  It sure makes me want to be better.  It sure invites the spirit and excludes the adversary.  
I am blessed to have you in our home.  We have thought this since day one.  Since I was pregnant with you really.  I finally with you had a somewhat decent pregnancy.  I wasn't sick I wasn't uncomfortable I was just content and happy.  
When you were born it all made sense.  You were just good.  It hasn't changed for the three years we have had you either.  Going back to my thoughts last night though, I wished I could just tell you all these things, how in fact you make life that much better.  
The reality is I can tell you.  I was in fact, but it went beyond that.  I wished I could tell your future self, what your real self really was.  Might not make much sense, but to me it did.  
I love you Emmy girl. 

I love you Emmy girl with all I have.  I often times do not feel deserving of such a precious, gift, but I am always grateful for it.  

One thing that I know I need to do more of is write.  Write about my kids, about our lives, my relationships, our every days.  I am going to.  I am writing for no one other my family.  I am not even sure if anyone reads this anymore, I am not sure why they would since it's been years since my last update, and I have no idea how to check it, so I am just going to start from here.  Heres to a new volume of English Family Happenings and writings!

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