Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a break for moms, or maybe not

So I was called to jury duty. At first I didn't even think anything about it, then I was getting a little concerned what to do about my "day job". I can't really call off or get someone to cover me. With three little ones it is hard to find someone to watch them and hard to even ask.

We finally at 6:00 in the morning found someone to watch the little ones while I went to court house. As I sat in the very front row listening to all the instructions and the judge give his two cents I kind of got excited about the whole thing. This morning when I left I was wishing I could get out of it, and by the first 15 minutes of our meeting I was wishing I could stay.

Well after a brief session they let us out for our first break. Sitting in the front row I heard all kinds of excuses from people wanting to get out of there. I understand that people have busy lives, jobs that need to be done and so forth, but come on every single one in that room I am sure had a great excuse to them, to get out of it. There would be noone there if they let everyone go who felt they deserved to leave.

Finally after the masses had gone back and taken their seats I was talking to the two ladies about all the people who think they are "special cases" and we were kind of laughing about it. One man said he has 4 men working under him for a lawn buisness, One lady said she doesn't understand English that well and then when they said that doesn't matter she then said she is on several medications, one lady said her dog gets really lonely while she is gone. I mean we heard it all.

As I was talking with these ladies asking what some of the funniest excuses they have ever heard were, she then says the only thing that gets you off, is if you are a stay at home mom with out a job outside of the home. There was my loop whole. I was exempt. I should have been so excited to get out of it, but I was kind of sad. They needed 167 out of 180 jurrors today, so I had a good chance of being able to state my beliefs. But somehow I knew by going home I was doing more for our city, our country, our state, our country, by being home teaching my children, training my children to be the best that they can be. I am so happy that the government gets that. Or at least they do when it comes to jury duty.

I am happy I am home with my kiddies now. I loved my welcome home even though I had only been gone for an hour and a half. This is where I belong. This is where I am loved and I am so happy I love doing it.

Do you think there is a chance I could still get my $10 a day? Oh and free lunches?

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