Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Day

I love Valentines day. SO much! It is such a fun little holiday. I especially love it because it is one of those holidays that are so much more relaxed. You really don't have to go all out and you don't have to stress out as much as other holidays, or maybe some of you do.

The past four years I have made a really fun dinner. Then Andy and I and the kids have a nice dinner at home. Partly because we have always been too poor to go out and partly becuase we didn't want to go out on Valentines Day and fight the rush.

Growing up we would always eat in the dining room. Which was a rare treat. This year we are going to do that too, if I can get my massive amounts of clean clothes off of the table. My mom would always place a fun chocolate on our plates and my dad would bring home flowers for my mom and one rose for me. It was always so fun. We have been keeping that tradition alive here as well. I even had a singing telegram come to the house last night, so maybe we are even starting our own traditions too!

I have the dinner all ready to go for tonight. I even have little gifts for the kids and Andy this year which is a first...again too poor in the past. I have an idea for the table scape and hope things go pretty well. While preparing for tonight I plan to do probably 7 loads of laundry, prepare for a little weekend getaway and mop some floors. Should be fun.

I feel so grateful for our little family at this time of year. And always really. I am so grateful for my "valentine". He truly is so great. I feel too lucky and for sure unworthy at times. He is such a great man.

Well it is time to get the kids out of there beds. I hear rounds of the Barney song interrupted by "mommy please" going on. It is time to ice some cookies. We have a big day a head of us!

Hope you all get to spend time with the ones that you love today.

On a little side note. My friend Christy has this amazing little girl, Eliza, that has just been put through way to much with stupid cancer...she could really use some prayers. Please pray for their family.


Andrea said...

What fun family traditions!! I hope you have a fabulous V-Day!

Andrea said...

What fun family traditions!! I hope you have a fabulous V-Day!

Stephanie said...

I totally LOVE the new blog header!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy said...

Thank you, Terica. It is stupid cancer! We are doing better now. I'm going to post a little later tonight.