Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting Ready...

Bennett just came to me and said, "I am ready to go mom, I am all packed!" I told him I have already packed for him and he can chose a few little things to put into his little back pack to take along. He was a little sad, he said, "BUT MOM I LOVE TO PACK!" Oops! He then followed along by saying,"Sometime I just want to go somewhere so I can pack." Funny kid. I am sure was just like that too. I have had the game plan of packing the car down for a few weeks. I have each days of clothes for the kids in separate baggies in the suitcase to make things easier. I have the meal plan all set, and the car configuration for packing all ready. This could possibly be considered a disease? None-the-less we are ready!

I am a little sad because I have-
*A trip to the Zoo
*My moms birthday
*Mothers Day
*A day at the park
*Bennett's baseball game
and a few random picture I need to post and am hoping to do before we leave so I am all up to date. Somehow I hope that I can get my computer figured out before Thursday night!

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