Saturday, June 7, 2008

Planning our little VACA

This past week I have been busy planning our little vacation for this summer. I mentioned before that we were going to New York, but plans have changed with that because our condo was already booked where we wanted to stay. Then our trip was moved to Hershey PA, which was booked as well, then it was Branson and we decided we didn't want to go there, then we thought about Tx to visit all of our amazing friends, then we thought about the Ozarks and now we aren't going to any of those places! Crazy, huh? None-the-less we are going somewhere and it is even better than all those places, we think. We totally scored on a amazing condo that comes along with a gas card! Now we will have to see if we can survive the drive. We are counting down the days!


Mindy said...

I'm still up for a TX visit:)

gloria said...

GAS CARD!!!! That's amazing!!! I am so excited to see your post from your trip!!! Fun Fun!!