Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It is really sad I am just now getting around to Easter, huh? We had a really fun Easter though even though I am so late getting around to posting it.
We had a week long celebration. The Saturday before we did an Easter egg hunt at a local park here. I have never in my life seen so many eggs. Bennett knew exactly what to do, the twins picked up on real quick and Maddox really didn't care either way. They had a really good time and we came home with way too many eggs and lots of little prizes inside.
Then the next Sunday we celebrated Easter here with Andy's family. His mom was going to Az. over Easter weekend so we took advantage of it while she was here. We had really good food and a fun little Easter egg hunt this day as well.
Then the actual Easter weekend we went to my Aunts house on Sunday and again had lots of good food that I didn't have to cook, which was really fun and my mom gave them really fun little bags full of Easter goodies. They loved it all. The Saturday before we had the Easter bunny come to our house and Grandma and Grandpa G and B came over for a big breakfast and that was really fun. It was a fun full week of Easter fun. That is the way to do it if you ask me. Oh and I have still yet to get a picture of them in the Easter outfits, hopefully that will come this weekend!

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Jackie said...

Ok your kids are so cute and I had a chance to see them at church on this past Sunday and I said hi to them and called them by name (since I am a fan of your site) and they stared and stared at me as if they wanted to say, "um, excuse me, do I know you?"
What a fun bunch they are! Glad to hear you are back and sorry we missed you when we were in town!