Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fooled you

I know this post is a day late, but I wanted to share anyway.

On April fools Eve Andy and I were talking about how we have never gotten into April Fools really, well we have never really played any sort of prank. Andy was saying he wanted to do something for his office and tell his "girls" that the schedule looks horrible, they are not bringing in enough money, and his wife NEEDS MORE MONEY! Funny huh? He wanted to do it because everyone who works there ALWAYS says how refreshing it is to have a dr who isn't in it just for the money that he does the work that needs to be done and doesn't push for the high dollar items. Anyway, he is also known for being so laid back and just easygoing so that would really throw them all. He ended up not doing it, he couldn't bear them feeling bad and he said he didn't think he could get through it without laughing.

Then we remembered one funny prank I pulled. When the twins were 3 months I found an old pregnancy test that was already used and positive, yes I keep them, gross I know, and I showed it to Andy and told him we were pregnant and he was freaked out. How could this be he wondered. The joke only lasted about 5 minutes because as genius as it was, I felt way to bad to let this 3rd year dental student believe our fourth child was coming so soon.

At any rate the joke was on the both of us, little did I know that if I would have actually taken a test it WOULD have been positive, because Maddox was born 8 months later!


Karyn said...

Hilarious! Maddox will always make me smile!

Chelsey said...

Hehehe. I miss you Terica! I wish you still live in Chicago!!!