Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it's offical

i am officially in my thirties...

i am not sure where the time has gone or how it has happened, but i am now 31 years old. how can this be. i still do not feel old, i don't even really feel like a "grown up" yet, so how can i really be thirty one?

i totally remember being in the fifth grade and talking to my best friend saying, "when we are twelve, we will be old!" hmm, not so much. twelve year old's to me look like they just walked out of their diapers. but i am sure it is all relative.

it has been a great day so far. having amazing waffles topped with blackberries, strawberries, banana's and kiwi with fresh cream made by my dear hubby. they were so yummy. i don't have much planned for today which is a bonus as well and the "triplets" are still sleeping. now that is a birthday present.

as i sit here reflecting on my past birthdays i feel like i remember them all. i remember my 7th birthday when i was in first grade and i got a cabbage patch doll, my very first one. i remember exactly what she looked like and honestly feeling like i was the luckiest 7 year old in the world. i will never EVER forget my parent's faces as they handed "her" to me. it was a proud moment for the both of them and i was so happy they were so happy to give carrie lee to me. that same birthday i had a few girls over for a slumber party and at 3 in the morning our motion lights went on on the back deck and all 7 little girls ran screaming into my parents room jumping on their bed. that was a sight, all because of some visitors of raccoons.

another birthday memory was 7 years ago, i was turning 24. andy had taken me to the mall to walk-the-baby-out and when we returned i was checking the messages on the phone when like 15 people ran out of the back bedroom. we lived in wyview and everyone from our stairwell had hidden in the baby's room waiting for our return. it scared me nearly to death. i am still surprised to this day that that wasn't what put me into labor. that was a fun night, spent with great friends.

although, i am getting older, i love this life. all 31 years of it. there is nothing i would change, nothing that could make me happier, and i feel so blessed for the life i have. i can only hope and pray that the next 31 years can bring me as much joy and happiness as the first have.

oh and although i felt i was using my creative juices, apparently a few people are not getting you?

I am thinking no one will because it is nearly impossible to read and listening to J and C argue over boots is a distraction at the least.
It says,
busy as a bunch of bees is our little hive
we are about to get busier we are adding number 5!
If you still do not get it there is a hint in the post.
Yes, we are crazy.


Neal said...

Congrats on making it to 31! :) Can't wait to do it myself. Oh, and congrats on that not-so-subliminal hint for the fab five!

carrie said...

Congratulations!!! Oh my goodness what a great birthday present. When is number 5 coming??

Alison said...

Happy Birthday Terica! The thirties are good. AND congratulations! =) I had a dream about you last had more twins...are you sure you are only expecting 1 and not 2? =) I'm very very happy for you!

Libby said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Every time I look at your blog I think about how Bennett waited and waited to be a big brother. I guess you're really coming through for him! Sam keeps telling everyone that we are going to have eight (we're not, we're having three).

Jackie said...

Wahoo! I am so excited for you! Congrats to the lot of you! And I don't think you are crazy, just extremely blessed! Good luck with pregnancy

Karyn said...

COngratulations! You are not crazy, just blessed. Cute card.
Can't wAIT TO hear more about #5.

Meg said...


Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERICA!!!! How does it feel to be 31? I'll be there with you in a couple of months!

Missi said...

Wow Terica! Congratulations on the exciting news. Wow, 4 kids 3 and under will be wild, but they will have such a blast. Feel great but keep your fingers crossed it's a singleton :) Happy Birthday!
Missi and Family

Kristin said...

Go CRAZIES! My sweet Dave just walked by and mumbled, "Only stupid people have five kids."

Congratulations and welcome to our club!!!

And Happy Birthday too!