Saturday, April 26, 2008


My baby turned 7 yesterday.
My first baby.
The first baby of mine
I ever held,
I ever fed,
I ever swaddled,
I ever kissed and adored.
Yeah, him. He turned 7 and I am still in unbelief.
He reminds me daily that although this world
can be crazy at times, it cannot be anything less
than perfect because he is in it. And how happy am I that he is mine?
Happy, very happy.


Karyn said...

Happy Birthday Bennett! He has grown up suddenly it seems. He was just a sweet little shy Sunbeam when we first met him... and it didn't seem like that long ago, until you said that he is 7!

Karen said...

Hi, Happy Birthday to him! You don't know me, I found you through some other blogs. My youngest turned 6 on Friday!