Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm on a roll...

What is this? Like three or four posts in one week? Wow! Pretty impressive. Right?

Tonight was such a fun night. Well actually the whole day was pretty darn fun. I slept in. Sort of, till 8:30. We spring cleaned. I had lunch with my homeys, ( the BEST high school friends, which we are doing now every other month!) spring cleaned some more then Andy and I went out to dinner all. by. our. selves!

It was so fun. Due to my birthday coming up on Wednesday we decided to "let" my parents babysit and have a night out on the town. We went to the Melting Pot. We have never been there other than a dessert party a few months back. Man was it amazing. It was all so good. I have absolutely no idea how I managed to eat that much food, but I did. Every bite was amazing as the first. It was so fun. It is now in my top three restaurants.

It was so fun being with Andy. Just him and I. We never do that. In fact I cannot tell you the last time we have done that. Probably close to a year. And the last time we did this was with some dear dear friends in the most amazing restaurant of all time which is actually number one on my list in Chicago. It is so fun to do and I hope we can do it more.

I have decided that date night is a must. We really do need it. So this summer my SIL has graciously offered to watch the kiddos one weekend night a week so we can get out together. How fun will that be. Even a nice walk in the park will do, it makes me giddy to even think about it.

I love that I love to be with my husband. He is the best. Thanks for a great birthday dinner. We haven't done birthday dinners for quite a few years now, and it was fun to reinstate them once again!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE date nights!! It sounds so special! I am so happy you got to get out with Andy. I hope Adam and I can manage something like that once and a while. However, I am so shocked how after being pregnant I have ZERO desire to "eat out". Compared to when I was pregnant I never wanted what was at home. Are you feeling ANY better??
I miss you so much!!

Jackie said...

"I love that I love to be with my husband" - I'm going to have to remember that one. Can I quote you? :)
Ok, so spring cleaning and fun don't quite belong in the same sentence the way you used them... we need to strike a deal - you clean and I cook. Please?

terica said...


I am embarrassed to say that cleaing is one of my passions. I know it is sick and that I have a problem and if there were a 12 step program for it I would volunteer to join. And on the deal of I clean you cook, I am willing to shake on that right now! Oh and thanks for the Geology 101 class I learned a lot. How is Sameul?