Sunday, July 13, 2008

I heart the Container Store

Yesterday was a fun day. The whole family spent the whole day out and about. We first ran to run a picture frame back that broke, that they wouldn't take back, then we went to Old Navy to spend a $30 gift check, then we went to PBK to buy the Cameron Wall System, which we didn't because next week their floor models are going on sale so I will score big time then, then we went to another mall to get the kids picture taken finally after wanting to since Easter, then homeward bound we were.

I have to say though my favorite part of my day was my trip to The Container Store. Oh how I love thee. I could go into that store and stay for days. Living in Chicago I would make it a every week trip, but now since the closet store is about 30 minutes away, the trips are far and few between. I just love it there and I got some things I had really been wanting. Like some boxes for our boxes of memories for the kids. I plan to keep all their keepsakes in these boxes now that they have out grew their baby keepsake box. I also got some cute little boxes for some zucchini bread to take to the new neighbors. We have four new neighbors that moved in over the last week, so I hope to get those to them tomorrow. I could buy just about everything in there and be in such a happy place, but since my funds ARE limited, this little excursion will have to do. But boy did it make me happy.

Darling pictures to come!

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