Thursday, July 10, 2008


I literally have thousands of pictures from our trip that I want to post so I need to do some sort of slide show and I need to know your favorite way to do this. I have tried one before that I did not like and I have seen some before that I did not like, so I am calling on my peeps to let me know what you like best so I can post some of our lovely vacation pictures for all to see.


janet said...

If I were you... I wouldn't do a slide show. Only because if you want to publish your blog at the end of the year, none of the pictures on the slide show will be documented.. so you have eventually have to upload them separately anyway. but maybe you could do a slide show of the ones that you want everyone to see, even though they aren't your favorites, or the ones you want printed with your book. (If you don't plan to have a hard document of your blog someday, then just ignore this comment:)

My suggestion for someone documenting lots of pictures, is to use a photo editing software. My favorite is PHOTOSCAPE. You download it for free on your computer and it's awesome. It's very userfriendly and easy. You can combine up to 20 pictures on a single page and when you upload them, it's only one picture. You can also add text, borders, and lots of fun stuff. This is what most of my collages on my blog are used with.

Picasa also does collages, but they are boring (but nice if you have LOTS of pictures..)

Do a google search for photoscape and download it. My only advice when creating a PAGE is to make sure to enlarge it. (it's the numbers next to the walnut symbol) You will need to make it big so the quality of the pictures are good enough for your book.. (and so the rest of us can see the details of your pictures.)

Also, when you are documenting your trip, it really helps when you split it up in different posts rather than make it ONE LONG post of your trip.

Okay, that's all I have to say.

Meg said...

My only suggestion is if you do a slideshow...don't use funky transitions. That always takes so much time and can make you dizzy if you watch for too long. ha! :)