Monday, July 14, 2008

What a day...

I kind of feel like I may regret this post since I do not like to dwell on the negative, but I will anyway. This morning I woke up just extra tired and irritated. I wasn't at all very patient with the kids. Oh and this morning Andy's cars battery was dead so he had to take mine after almost blowing up the house, and I already had a babysitter lined up to run some errands and go to the chiropractor so I was sad not to be able to go and get a little break while I was at it.

After talking to Andy he decided to run home for lunch and jump his car so I could still go. I was so grateful. The kids were extra wired and I was extra tired so I was liking that idea. Andy got home and I was running to Lowe's to get some window well coverings, although that was before I knew they were TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS! and while I was in there I get a call from Andy.

He says, have you talked to your mom? I say know and he says well your dad thinks he had another heart attack. I stopped dead in my tracks and began to bawl. I was so sad don't get me wrong, but it was not what I wanted to hear at this time. My day was already bad, did this really have to happen?

My dad had a heart attack exactly 10 years ago. I was a wreck then. It was hard on me. I was living in Utah at the time and so wished I was there with him and my mom. So today when I got the news, my first thought was at least I was here.

I began crying and the poor people at Lowe's did not know what to do with me. I think they all thought I was in labor or something. As I was talking to Andy I noticed everyone around me panicking. It was sort of funny actually, as rude as that sounds.

I calmed myself down ran my errands and then finally heard back from my dad. Yeah, the one who drove himself to the hospital. He only ended up at the hospital because on his way to work he realized oh yeah this is a heart attack. So he drove himself there waited in the waiting room and was taken in hours after arriving.

Andy and I got to the hospital right when he was being taken into the heart cath lab. I like hospitals and I have realized that is because when I am there I get a darling baby or two to take home with me. I do not like being there during really stressful moments. I was afraid I would have been a wreck and I actually did pretty well. I mean this is coming from a person cannot watch ER because I get to attached to the people hurting and think about them for months after wards. So with this being my dad I thought I would be just ballistic.

Well while in the waiting area with my mom, grandma, grandpa and Andy you would have thought we were just there for social hour(s). We were laughing and talking like no other. We were really having a good time. It was so fun to tell you the truth. The assistant came back and said they found the problem and they were going to try and fix it right then.

About an hour later ( it is amazing how fast it all went...what they can do with your heart in an hour!) we were walked back to the Dr. (bless his heart and hands) where he told us there was a blood clot in his his graph which is the knew artery they put in ten years ago. He said literally his life was sparred by minutes and it was a miracle he got in when he did. What a blessing.

You know it is times like these where I thought my day started off so rough that I realize how blessed I am. I am so grateful for all of my blessings. I am grateful for a Heavenly Father that loves me and for the faith I have in him. I seriously count my self so blessed on this day for my earthly father who went in when he did.


Mindy said...

We're soooo sorry. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

Shane, Megan, & Carter said...

So glad to hear that the timing was right to help your dad! Prayers coming your way and his!

Joy said...

Wow...what a day. I'm so glad to hear your dad is doing better and that he made it there safely and in time! We will keep you, your dad and the rest of your family in our prayers.

Karyn said...

Wow Terica. There are bad days and then there are BAD days. Glad this one turned out not-so-bad in the end. Your dad is in our prayers for a speedy recovery.

Kristin said...

So glad that your dad received treatment in time! Hope he is feeling great really soon.

And my sympathies are with you...pregnancy is hard, and pregnancy with a bunch of little kids to take care of is even harder.