Thursday, July 10, 2008


okay, so the inevitable has happened...i am officially uncomfortable. i am pleased to say that i feel like it has happened a little later in this pregnancy than previous pregnancies, but still, i am uncomfortable.

last night i would toss and turn and tossing and turning is a little more difficult when it takes several minutes to do so. as of two nights ago i was still sleeping on my stomach and that is no more. i cannot eat anything because i already feel so full all the time. last night i was having so many contractions i would have thought i was in labor had i not known better. the dr. gave me some medicine for that and i do not want to take them, so now i am trying so hard to stay hydrated and taking it way easy, or at least as easy as i can with my "workload". i even try in the morning to think of whatever i would need for the day for downstairs so i do not have to make any unneeded trips up the stairs. lunch time is when i am already wore out and the thought of putting kids up in their chairs, feeding them, wiping them down, getting them out, lifting them up to change three diapers, walking them up stairs, laying down by them for a good nap kiss, getting up and doing that two other times and walking down the stairs to the lunch time mess is a little overwhelming. i am so lucky to have my mom here who very often comes to save the day. all this and i am still so grateful to be pregnant. what a complainer i am though. i do know this is a blessing, i do, however, need to remind myself this often.

a man came to clean our carpets today and he kept saying well how many kids do you have because they just kept appearing to him while he was here and i said 4 and one on the way. he said well that is a little and i was totally expecting crazy because that is what i hear everyday, but instead he said something rather refreshing, he said that is a little miracle, huh? it almost brought tears to my eyes to hear this middle aged single guy say. i replied with, well we sure think so and he said, well if anyone thinks differently they obviously aren't in your shoes to see how miraculous your lives are. that made all the aforementioned complaints seem a little more bearable. so what if i get winded going to get the mail, i am making another little miracle to add to our already miraculous family.

heres to a wonderful 9 weeks!

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