Friday, August 15, 2008

Life's a Beach

***I have decided to start on our vacation. I am going in order with pictures and just a little bit of journaling and at the end I will have a full account of our trip! All I can see is get ready to see massive amounts of pictures!!!! I will have to look into collages I suppose!

jadie lovin' it

cute boy

bennett enjoying the breeze

Being at the beach made me want to live right on the beach. It was so fun. The kids loved it. Our hotel was right on Daytona Beach so we would just walk right out our door and onto the sand. It was just so great. It was hot, but being on the water had a nice breeze that made it perfect. The kids loved it. Bennett loved it and was in the water the whole time. Jadeyn is our little fishy and she was in the water the whole time too. Cortland was pushed over by the first tide, so he was not too big of a fan of the water, but loved the sand. Maddox stayed far far away from the water. I enjoyed laying out and playing with the kids. I am not too big on being in water where other living things are other than humans, plus salt water is the worst. But I still love it. We enjoyed two full days on the water.

she could have stayed there forever
seriously could it get any sweeter...totally candid
where cortland like to be best
bennett was all about the beach
cute boy
beach baby
they kept these on all the time
i cannot stand how cute she is
group photo with cherise awe

At our hotel they had a pool right on the water too so we spent most the evenings in there. The kids just love the pool and were getting quite brave in the water. I do not generally burn, however, while laying out at the beach for two days I burnt my legs so bad. Just me calves. I have never seen a worse burn to be honest. I probably had about 100 blisters on each leg. Fun right. I could not bend my legs or walk very fast. It was bad, but I would rather it be my legs over my shoulders or something that clothes had to be over it. We sure had a great time at the beach. I would love to visit once a year!
why oh why can we not have palm trees in the midwest?

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Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I know what you mean = I LOVE palm trees.

I like how your pics turned out with the names written in the sand by their feet. What a cute idea!