Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday nine years ago from the day, Andy and I were married. I cannot believe that is has been NINE years. Where has the time gone? Even when I think of all the things we have been through, it still does not seem possible that we have been married that long.

I remember as a little girl being so excited to be married someday and have children. I have to admit it is even better than in my dreams. It probably helps that my husband really honestly could not be better. It know it sounds a little corny, but I honestly wonder every single day how I got lucky enough to marry him. I still ask myself that question, and although I have not found the answer, I am not complaining.

It is weird to think that 9 years ago when we got married a lot was different. For starters we were 21 and 22. I look at kids these days and think they are just that, kids. It seems so young. He had not even taken one single credit hour in college, and now 8 years later he is a dentist. We had nothing to our names. Now we have a home, 2 cars, a yard and the most precious thing we have acquired, our children. He had more hair, I had less pounds, he was so skinny just coming home from Guatemala, I was a novice at dinners and laundry...those were the times. How we survived or even existed is unknown, but we did it and I look back at that time and the years to follow with a smile on my face. We have been so happy and so blessed throughout them.

Last night when he got home I had had one of those days. And on top of it I cut my thumb pretty bad. And when I see blood I normally just pass out and I was trying so hard to not do that, with four little ones at home. When he got home he had gotten me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries and a sweet card. We then waited for our babysitter and went out to a really great restaurant that we had never been to before. That is always fun and it was SO good. SO SO good. We came home to some visitors for the weekend which we are really excited about. So it was a wonderful day for sure.

I am sure glad I get this guy for eternity. I am grateful for that promise, this death to us part is for the birds, I want this guy and these kiddos FOREVER!!!!!!!

***this is not our best wedding photo and i wanted to use a different one, but scanning a picture tonight, does NOT sound fun. And funny story about this picture, well actually andy's hair. so when andy got home from his mission his hair was bleach bleach blonde and he wanted it a little darker so we (me) decided i know enough about hair i will color it for him. it turns jet black, i am talking i have never ever in my life seen darker hair, so we try attempt two and it turns a burnt orangie/strawberry color, even uglier. so our third and last attempt turned it reddish/weirdish color you have ever seen. i hated it, but i was afraid our fourth attempt would have made his hair full on fall out, so reddish/weirdish color you have ever seen is what made it's appearance on our wedding day. i remember someone coming up to us saying i didn't know the E's had any red heads in their family. luckily we decided to let it grow out which only took like 2 weeks and it was back to his old natural color...serisouly bleach blonde would have been SO much better, but oh well!


Nicole Kesten said...

happy anniversary.. love the hair story.. those funny things are the best memories!

Jackie said...

Funny story! Wow happy 9th anniversary! How wonderful!