Sunday, August 3, 2008

next month, and other ramblings...

I am not sure if anyone else has done this, but normally when I hit this stage of pregnancy I think to myself I cannot believe I will have a baby NEXT month. It seems like it takes forever to get to that point and thinking a new little baby will be on it's way in a month is so exciting. Even when I had 10 month old twins and I was saying that with Maddox it was refreshing to think the pregnancy was almost done, and he was coming so soon.

This time, however, it is strange. I think I just got used to the idea that I am even pregnant and now to say next month is it, is a hard concept to grasp. But none the less he will be here. I am really getting excited to see him and cuddle him and tell him how happy I am to be his mom. I am also so excited to see if he favors any of our other children or if he will have a look all his own.

I am also getting to the point where for the whole pregnancy I have thought to myself, what, I am what? And now it is hitting me that a little tiny sweet baby is coming and I am in charge. That is still strange to me. I am fully responsible for his life and nurturing and so forth. I will not say life at our house is easy necessarily, but it was getting easier, and now I am pretty sure I will be back to square one. But at least the twins are getting much more independent and communicating so well. That will make life a lot easier I know. Whenever I get a little overwhelmed I picture myself holding that baby boy and that joy without a doubt overpowers any sort if inadequacy feelings I may be having now.

So our house is coming along. I now have the upstairs completely finished. I still need to hang a few things, but other than that, it is looking pretty good. On Monday I am going to have Monday Makeovers and post pictures of our house before and afters of different rooms. Hopefully that will be entertaining and suffice for all the people that have been so patiently asking for pictures. I really do not care to ever paint again in my life. Although remind me that in four weeks when our basement is done, and I want to paint again. Seriously remind me to NOT DO IT!

This summer has been so great. Andy's sister Nicole has been home for the summer from BYU. She has been an enormous help and Andy and I even get out together once a week. Which up until this summer in our entire 9 years of marriage has never happened. She normally comes over a few days of the week during the day to let me run errands or even just play with the kids. She even changes diapers when she sees a need and has never been asked. Then on the weekends she will watch the kids while Andy and I get out to either do things that we need to do or go to dinner. Last night we did both. We went to 5 different places I had needed to go and then to dinner. Every other week we try to take one of the kiddos with us for their special date night and they have loved that. We took Bennett a few weeks ago and you could just tell he felt so special even though we did not give in to his Chuck E Cheese request. And last night we took little Maddox. He was so good as always and it was so fun just having him with us. Everyone at the restaurant just loved him and they kept saying oh you are having number 2 so soon! I don't even correct people anymore, so it would have been funny to see all their faces if we were to say, actually he is number four! Anyway, we really love these date nights with our kids, although I have to say it makes me realize how much easier it would be if we only had one!

Well that is all I have going on it seems like. I do still need to do a post on our vacay. It was so much fun and I am having a hard time putting it all into words and choosing the best pictures. Jadeyn still talks about kissing Minnie Mouse and the Princesses and every single day Cortland wakes up he says, let's go see Mickey mom. So cute and I am so happy they had such a great memorable time.

Oh and Bennett starts SECOND GRADE in TEN days! How can this be?

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Jackie said...

I can't wait to see your the baby! Oh and you must post your home pics because I'm sure to love them and learn from your decorating skills. I swear as soon as we have a home I promise to start putting forth effort into my interior decor...
Good luck in this final month!!!