Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Makeover!

Oh my is can that be already? Since I am not too prepared I will have to show a room that you probably have already seen, but I have added a few things. So here it is, the dining room in all her glory!

This was the first room that we painted back when we moved in. I was so hesitant to paint for some reason. I like the cleaness of the white walls, but once we paited this room I was sold. I love the color. It is amazing what a can of paint can do for a room. Love it.

I remember when we were in Dental school eating at our cheap table that was down to one chair because it was so cheap thinking someday I may even have a dining room table and now I do. It isn't something I thought we would jump on so fast, but at a furniture store after looking all last summer for a couch and seeing this piece I just fell in love with it. We made a deal with ourselves if we could save enough for it by the end of last summer we would get it and then at the end of the summer the pieces were on sale...double score! I just love it. I love the darkness of it. I love the style...I really have never seen a set I have loved more. The china in the hutch was my great grandmas. I have always loved it. I think of her everytime I walk by the hutch and I make sure to use it every once in a while. I remember being super excited when I was younger when we would eat on my moms, so I plan to put it to good use. I would have honestly picked this china out it.I have been on the hunt for window treatments in there forever and have never found something I love in there. A few weeks ago I bought three different ones I had been eyeing and hung them all up and this was what we picked out in the end. I am still not sure how I feel about them...what do you think?


Fideles Four said...

I love the brown and blue together, it's a nice combo! Maybe if you have any more energy you can come to my house! :)

Christy said...

I LOVE it! What a beautiful table. I love dark furniture and I also love color on the wall. Good job!

Brintons said...

I love the window treatments! I think they make the room.

janet said...

I LOVE the curtains. I honestly have no idea how to pick out things that look good.. it's so time consuming and frustrating for me! But I love your dining room (and CHINA!)

I was going to say that Aaron has wanted to name all our boys Sawyer. I like it, but feel like people don't know how to say it SAWyear/SOYyer.. and why add frustration to your child's life, ya know? But that's just my opinion. Good luck choosing a name. Boys are hard after you've already had 3!!