Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Great Wolf Lodge

In January we decided to take full advantage of Aunt Nicole being here and decided to head west to Kansas City. They have a great wolf lodge there that they also have in the Dells and we loved it. The kids had so much fun. They loved it. We got a great deal since we went off season. We had an awesome suite and played at the water park all day every day. We all loved it and had so much fun. Here are just a few photos to display that fun!

This baby is so cuddly and cute.
Maddox wasn't feeling too well, but still managed to have fun.
Bennett was in Heaven!
This baby loved it too!
These photos are too cute to even put into words.

These two loved it. They had so much fun.

At night they had story time where you came in your jammies. The kids loved it.

This picture makes us laugh so hard. Jadeyn is just now getting into the stage where she knows making a funny face is funny. Andy and I have laughed hysterically over this photo far too much.
Their cool cabin.

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