Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Jadeyn

Jadeyn's Four Year Picture

Oh my little Jadeyn girl. I just love this girl so much. I am completely confident that she could run our house pretty well on her own. She is constantly taking care of things. Putting dishes in the sink, consoling Maddox when he is sad, holding Paxton when he needs love, sorting laundry, cleaning up toys, setting the table, helping me in the kitchen which is her favorite thing to do. She is just the little mama. It is truly so adorable.
This little girl requires a lot of sleep. If she does not get it, it is not good. She also does not do well if she knows she is disappointed in her. She has some serious determination. You don't want to mess with her, but I realize that this will be and is one of her most valuable traits in life, it makes it a little easier to understand and deal with.
She is just so sweet with her brothers. She is always so helpful to them as if she is 19 while the others are still small. She is always the first one dressed and ready to go. She is always the first one out the door and is always the one who knows what it going on. Her memory is a little frightening at times. Two weeks ago they started learning their tap song and she came home that night singing a song by Mr Blue Eyes himself. She knew practically every single word. She sang it all week. When we went to dance the next week she told her teacher she loved that song and the teacher told me that was the first night they learned it. How she knows most of the words is beyond me. It's talent.
I just love having her as my daughter. My partner in crime living in the boy dominated home!

The lady doing the pictures was obsessed taking the twins pictures together. That is why there are so many!


Sarah said...

Your kids are so darling!

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