Thursday, March 18, 2010

My {little} baby Paxton

Paxton's 18 Months Pictures
Paxton was a little ham taking these pictures. Since he is 18 months I was wondering if we would be able to keep him still, but he did a great job.
Anyone who is afraid to have kids should take this baby for the day. I have been pretty lucky with easy babies, but this baby takes the cake. He is so easy it is insane. He eats when we eat, he sleeps when I put him down, he never cries he goes with the flow, he loves the adoration he receives from his older siblings. He is just hands down super easy.
I love when I get him up in the morning and put him down to sleep. When I get him up he points at everything in his room and oohs and ahhs like he has never seen it before. When I put him down I give him his little clutchie and he lays down and snuggles with it then I put the covers over him and he says nite nite. It is seriously like my favorite times of day. Just so sweet.
He is into running now. It is so cute to see him run. I love watching it too. He is also easy to get to laugh. He loves giving high fives and if i laugh after he does it he belly laughs as if it was the funniest thing he has ever heard. I love it. He can feed himself and does really well with a spoon. He is getting So big, it is kind of sad. I just love this stage of life.
This poor boy I think has had an ear infection every day of his life it seems. I have an appointment next month finally to see about getting tubes. Hopefully that will mean no more ear infections. Even with constant ear infections he never complains.
I have to say I am a big fan of 19 kids and counting. I watch that show and amazed by how calm the mother is. She makes me want to be better. Right now they have their 19th child in the NICU and every time I watch and episode I cry and cry. It in some ways feels like yesterday we were there with Paxton and those days in there were the hardest of my life. The emotions you experience in a situation like that are unbelievable. I am so happy my little guy is healthy and so vibrant and full of life. I feel blessed beyond belief.
Thank you Paxie for being you. I love it!


Sarah D said...

Anytime I see him in person and/or a new picture of him, he looks like a totally different person!! He is growing sooo fast!! What a cutie. And I love all your kiddos pictures :)
And I agree with your comment that Jadeyn could run your household. Last time when I babysat, she helped out a lot! She is like a mini-mommy!! :)

Macee said...

Holy Cow!!! He is just a little mini you!!! TOO CUTE!!!