Thursday, March 18, 2010

My man, Cortland

Cortland's Four Year Pictures

Oh my little Cortland. I have to say that all my kiddos have their own little "specialness" to them, yet they are also so much alike. They are all sweet. Cortland is sweet and so tender and kind. He is just a little ball of gentleness. He can get boyish at times as far as being loud and running around, but it is not often. He is super laid back and just goes with the flow. He would honestly sit on the couch all day long and watch Lazy town or read books. He is in no way hyper by any means. Just a tender little boy. When he gets tired even around nap time, he heads up stairs and tells me he is getting his blankies. He brings them down and wipes them on his cheeks. He has three that he loves. He is my only child that is or was ever in love with blankets. I adore this trait. He is just so fun.

His cheeks are extra squishy which makes him the one that gets kisses all the time. I can't keep my lips off of him. When I call him a little ducky because when he kisses his lips remind me of a ducks bill, he says, "No, Moo Cow." I guess he feels more like a cow than a duck? Who knows, but it is cute. He is really into exercising and sports. He is always talking about playing soccer and baseball again. He is our athlete in the family for sure.

Cortland is also the most obedient one of the group. If anyone is doing something that he knows is not ok, he will kindly tell them mom does not like that, and then and comes to tell me. He almost always listens. He will stay in the time out step all day if I forget to let him off. He hates to disappointus and days later he will say something like, mom I am so sorry I spilt my drink. He is still thinking about and still feels bad about it. He literally takes himself to bed for naps and bedtime. I SO wish the others were like this.

He is such a sweet little boy. I can't even tell you how lucky I feel to have little Cortland with me everyday. It is such a treat!

They are just so cute. They really do have a special bond I think. Lately I have seen how much older they are and sound. It is weird. They finally get the whole twins thing too. The other night when I was reading them a story they were telling me, as if I wasn't aware, that Bennett came by himself, Maddox came by himself and Paxton came by himself, but they wanted to come together. Jadeyn said that and then she said, "you remember that Cortland?" To which he replied, "I do Jadeyn, I wouldn't let you here without me!" So adorable just like them!
One more thing on the whole twins thing. I have mentioned before how I always wanted twins since I can remember. I had no idea how amazing it would really be. It is far better than I thought. I feel so blessed to be their mom and be on this twin journey with them!

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