Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I love Cortland in this one, like I am ready to go people, let's get this over with!

I am pretty sure Bennett was the best one in this shot. Like seriously I cannot hold this smile anymore!

When we were getting the kids birthday pictures taken I wanted to get a couple of group shots especially since I did not get their Christmas photos taken, which still makes me sad, but anyway, they all turned out pretty well. They sat well and most of the pics were pretty good. I have to say though my favorite shots were the last ones. They are so candid and so funny what all the kids are doing. The photographer was looking at all the shots to make sure she got a good one and told the kids to hold on a minute and she got some shots of what they were doing while waiting. It was so cute. I love it. They all have such great personalities. These five have just all stolen my heart. I am addicted to my kids. Really. I am.

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Amber said...

So cute! You are so blessed. :)