Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Lazy Days of Summer

This poor little boy cannot keep pants up ever! It could have something to do with barely being 30 pounds and being 3 and a half!

This baby could not be any cuter!

I am not sure how this saying came about, but man this does not depict our summers. I had so many plans for this summer and feel like I never have time for anything! I have tried super hard to make time for our pool. I love having a pool. It is so nice! The kids are just little fishies. They would spend all day there. I just love being there because nothing else is on our minds, but enjoying being together!


Fideles Five said...

I am so glad they finally opened your pool! How fun!

Tanya said...

Don't worry Taylor is 3 and only weighs 28lbs and 40" tall. In shorts she's still a 12-18 month...but in pants she's a 4. Finding school uniforms for next year for her has been fun, not to many people make plain navy blue shorts in infant sizes.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry we have a community pool also and I promised we would spend more time in it this summer but summer is almost gone :(