Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Magic House

I remember when I was in the third grade we took a field trip to the Magic House and it was sure a special treat. I dreamed of going back there with my kids and said I would take them there all the time. Well we have lived here for three years and we finally made it.

There is a website called groupon and they send you specials everyday and this particular day was for the magic house. You got 5 tickets for 20 bucks. That is a steal. I think tickets are normally 12 maybe...not sure on the price, but still a great deal! So we grabbed some of those up and off we were the very next day.

The kids loved it and we all had a good time. We stayed there pretty much the whole day and then finished the day off at the Home Goods Store, one of my personal faves, El Pollo Loco and topped it off with Dunkin Doughnuts which just came back to the Lou. It was such a fun day. It felt like we were back on vacation. I just love all these moments with my little family. There is nothing better!

How cute is it that they walk hand in hand?

Literal musical chairs

Pax was in Heaven with all the balls!

Be in a bubble!


This was my favorite little spot. It was like a little market. We had so much fun shopping and then paying for it and playing with the cash registar. So cute and fun!

How adorable is this...I want to do this in my future house someday!

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Tanya said...

We went on a band trip in 9th grade to STL and we spent a couple hours at the Magic House. I LOVE THAT PLACE!