Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monday Makeover...

Monday Makeover!!!!
Bennett's and New Baby's room
OK, so technically it is Wednesday, but none-the-less here is Bennett and the new babies room! I loved the way it turned out. I used Sam's again and blew up a bunch of pictures from his little league teams and painted the room and the crib and an old bed that was my dad's. I love re purposing much cheaper and most of the times it is something that I would have picked out anyway! We did the whole room in one day. Super quick and super cute, if I do say so myself. There are a few things I still need to do. I am searching for an old wooden bat to slice in half and hang over Bennett's bed and then I plan to frame all of his team pictures and put them down the closet wall. I also have some just regular non sport related pictures of Bennett I will put in there. Oh and I am sure you noticed we have chose a name for our little one. Paxton it is. We feel like it is right and the kids have now been referring to him as baby Paxton so I think it is a go. Can't wait to see that little one. Hope you like the pics of the room! When we first moved in the room since he had spiderman stuff that his grandma gave him he wanted spiderman theme with sports. We painted red diamonds all on his back wall that the bed is on. It took three days to do. I thought it would look cool and love it and I hated it. It took me three months to convice my wonderful hubby that we should re-do it. It took him forever to measure all those out and tape it all. Luckily I have the best hubby in the world and he humored me and allowed us to re-do it and now we all love it. We used a camel color on the walls which went really well with the black beds that we painted. Bennett really loves it.

From the hall.
You can see we really have chosen the name.

One wall.

His walk in closet. It also goes behind the door where there are shelves that I plan to put all of Paxton's things.
Some of the photos. I love these Chicago ones. Great background although it looks like one of the picture is messed up but it must be a glare.

B for Bennett and this is where I am going to put the bat over the picture above his bed.

I love this bed. And the spiderman bedding actually goes well with the theme.

The bed which was a blonde color wood.

The M is for Maddox he is still in that room and he needed to be represented for a little bit longer in there, right? I also love the little dresser and nightstand that we got an awesome deal on at World Market. It was their model and had a few scratches on it, nothing old English couldn't handle. They look great with the beds too.

His nightstand that he keeps all of his important things in. His shelf has three other trophies on it that are currently being "polished". I also have 5 real simple black frames that will go on here of pictures of him and paxton some will go on their dresser too.

Above the crib.

Note to self and anyone else who would like to know. Taking pictures at night turn out a lot better than during the day, there is too much light.


I have know forever what I was going to do in the kids bathroom. I bought the shower curtain and towels when we still lived in Chicago at IKEA. I knew I wanted to post President Hinckelys "BE'S" in there too. I wasn't sure on the size of the polka dots or the size of the lettering, but I think it all turned out being pretty darn cute. I am going to frame a little picture of the kids in the bathtub and put it on the sink. That is really all I have left to do in there. Super easy and fun and thanks to my SIL Sariah for printing out all the letters for me. They turned out great!

Be Smart, Be Clean, Be Grateful, Be Humble, Be True, Be Prayerful


These photos will be added tonight there was too much light in the room and you can barely see anything!

I know I posted this room after we painted it, but over Christmas last year we added a few things. I love how this room has turned out too. It is cozy and with clean lines, that is what I am all about. I must admit the free tv hanging on the wall frees up so much space and I love that! I also got a free curio cabinet from buying our bedroom furniture and I love it so much. I am able to display all of my willow tree people. I love those. There is even light at the top and at night I like to turn that on to admire them all. I am so happy we went with the color we did on the walls. LOVE IT!

Main Level Bathroom
I have no idea why I would include the bathroom. It is little and not very decorated and it is a bathroom. At least the kids is cute. But for future purposes here it is. I started doing three different colors and wanted them to fade into each other and after many attempts it is impossible I have decided. So I just went with one color and I really like it. I just put a vase in there and kept with the brown theme that goes along with the main living area. I added a few fancier towels for over the toilet and vase with some twigs and some old frames/photos I have had for a while. Easy and it!

I will also try to add better pics tonight of this room too!

I wish I would have taken a picture of our basement before all the work started. It was a disaster. Whenever we would have something that I didn't know what to do with it we would just take it down there. Sometimes even a nice toss would do. The basement is like 1500 square feet and the whole things had piles everywhere. It was totally a mess, an organized mess, but still a mess. The people from Clean House would have had a hay day in there. It was slightly embarrassing. I had piles of stuff like donate, keep, take upstairs, store, trash. I took four loads to Goodwill and honestly it should have been more like 10 loads. I do not consider my self a hoarder at all. I like to get rid of things and open up spaces. I do not like clutter anywhere. But that poor basement was all of that. When the guys started our basement they built shelves first in our unfinished part and we were able to pile all the storage bins up onto those...all 40 of them, yes I am embarrassed. They are mostly children's and baby clothes and holiday decorations but still. Then we had to pack everything else in there like a queen size bed, baby beds, furniture, chairs, a table, my crafting and sewing stuff. It was nothing short of a miracle that we got it all done and to fit in the space. We were up till 2 in the morning doing so, but at least it is done. Now I have to figure out what to do with all the stuff I brought up, I have to find a home for it all...not fun. But to say the least it looks great down there. The framing work is all up and was done in a day. The plumbers come in tomorrow to do the tub and sink and toilet. We are moving right along. I just hope this really is all done by the 17th like we have been promised!


Tanya said...

We have an old wooden bat that is just laying in the garage...I'll weigh it and see if it would even be reasonable to ship :)

Jackie said...

I think I'm going to bypass my original idea of getting ideas from you and I've decided I'll just pay you to decorate my future home.... Everything is so awesome I don't know where to begin...
I need to come to your house!

Fideles Five said...

Super cute! Got a question....where did you blow up your pics and how did you matt them to the wall? Did you use a frame? It looks great!!

Brintons said...

I love it! Your house is so fun. I think the "be" theme in the bathroom is just the cutest thing! LOVE it!

Allison said...

I love your cute house! Thanks for sharing.

Amber said...

I love your house! I love the kids bathroom...actually I love everything! I might steal some of your ideas.