Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Makeover!!!

Monday Makeover
Jadeyn's Room
My favorite bedding!

I wish these pictures were a little more clear.

Her mirror says Mirror Mirror on the wall...this was my moms and mine growing up.

Her closet!

I know her room is really really pink. But hey, she is my only girl, here! She totally fits her room too. 100% girl!!! I am bugged that the pictrues did not turn out that, great, but still here is her room!

Our Family Room

My curio cabniet.

I was supposed to have this up last week. That didn't happnen, so here it is today...seriously something must be wrong with my camera, the pics are not that great.

Other posts coming up this week...
6 flags
The wedding
The parade
Bennett pics from his first day

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Karyn said...

Wow Terica! I love Jayden's room! So sweet and pink! The mirror is fantastic.