Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So tomorrow morning bright and early I am going to meet my baby. The baby that has consistently made me nauseous and gag at least a dozen times a day. The baby that surprised us all and the baby that I have never wanted more. I can't wait!!!! I am still trying to wrap my brain around it all. I will have a newborn tomorrow. I love that part. I will be in pain and not be able to laugh, cough or roll myself over by myself. It all seems like a dream to me, I hope not, please do not wake me if it is.

So here we are with another little game. Guess how big my baby will be. Keep in mind I have always tend to have big babies...

Bennett 43.5 weeks 11.4 pounds
Jadeyn 36.6 days 5.15 pounds
Cortland 36.6 days 7.14 pounds
Maddox 37.3 days 9.1 pounds

Now with this in mind when talking to my doctor Friday at my appointment I asked him what he though and he said with how I am measuring and by the looks of the baby he thinks around 7 pounds. I told him my history with big babies and the weights and he said well the first one is big but the others aren't, is he crazy. But I have heard of a lot of bigger babies being born. I think my babies just like to grow big--fast. Anyway, so state your guess. I will not be offended. I should post a picture of myself, but I can see a comment of a 15 pounds baby coming and then I may tend to be offended. A little bit. Here's to guessing!!!

Andy 7.15 {he is crazy}
Me 8.15
My mom 10.4 {she is rude} jk mom love ya!
My dad 9.7 He could be close...I am after all enormous!!!


Paige said...

I guess 8.4 Good luck! At least you don't have to pass him through your vajayjay, no matter WHAT his weight!

Fideles Five said...

Good luck sweetie! My guess is a 8.8lbs baby! ;) We're thinking of you!!

Meg said...

8 lbs 11 oz. Good Luck!

Joy said...

Hope all went well yesterday!!! Congrats on your new arrival! My guess is 7lbs 15ounces

Karyn said...

So the baby is out by now... but I will still guess 8lb 1oz! I can't wait to see him! Congratulations!