Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So a week from today this little guy will not be my "baby". There will be a new baby for our family to love, but how can he not be our baby. He totally fits the role of the baby in our family. I think that was one of the reasons why I felt like this was going to be a girl, because he was our baby boy and I cannot imagine another boy taking that title. I love this little guy. He has been such a pleasure his whole little 19 months of life. I am so grateful for him. He makes our family perfect. I am interested to see how he does when he is not considered the "baby", but I have reason to believe he will do just fine, he is always the trooper. Oh Maddox, I love you so much.Maddox is getting so old as of late. He is talking so much. He says full on sentences now. Mainly things her hears the twins say a lot, but it is just so weird. He does everything the twins do too. I have to say he is a trooper because a lot of toys get taken away from this little guy each day and he is starting to get a voice around here. Which is good.
I am not sure I am ready for this fifth child. Technically I have done everything, I have things ready, the house is getting there, but am I going to be able to actually do it? We will sure see soon, right? I have 6 days to get myself ready I's to hoping!

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