Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6 Flags {backing up to July}

Andy's office often has contests and they normally always win...yes I am a little proud of my new little dentist...but he and his office won tickets to 6 Flags. They have also won several gas cards, which is really really nice. Anyway, I wasn't sure about the whole 6 Flags trip. We had gone to Disney the month before and I was only getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the minute, but we went. I also worked there for 2 years right after I graduated from high school. I worked on a few of the stage shows and one of the shows had the character in it and one day I asked one of the girls if I could go out after as Daffy Duck and she quickly accepted my offer. First things first...those things are hot. There is nothing magical about them. There is no fan, cooler and ice pack anywhere in those things. I am talking hot hot hot. I would die if I tried to do it at this point in my life. HOT!! But anyway, I ended up loving it so much that I asked to work in between my shows and they let me. They thought I was weird, but they let me. I loved it. I loved working with the little kids and see how excited they would get to see Daffy. It was one of my most cherished jobs I had ever had! The Twins.
We took Cami, Andy's sister with us. Bennett always has a good time with her.
I want to eat her...oh she is so darling!
This boy is so sweet!

It was really fun. We spent half the day at the water park and half the day at the amusement park. I could not believe the kind of rides Bennett was now tall enough to ride. It was kind of sad and scary to me, but he loved it. The little kids had a great time too.

Jadyen absolutely adored all of the characters. I don't think she would have been quite so fond of them if hadn't just been to Disney world. She could not keep her hands off of them and just hugged and kisses them over and over.
My sweet Bennett, looking SO old!
Again, YUM!
Cortland was not a fan of this ride. He bawled and the lady running the little ride did not care a bit. Poor Bennett and Cami kept trying to comfort him, but nothing worked.
We got home way too late and were tired, sweaty, and hungry most of the day, but still a great time!!!
PS You do not see baby M in any of these pictures because he stayed home with grandma for the day and enjoyed all the one on one spoiling! Thanks mom!

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